Noticing random blogs in the wild

I’ve noticed a significant change in how I perceive and treat random blog posts in the wild. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t notice them before, but now I really notice.

I find myself wondering about things I didn’t. Who wrote this? When was it written? Is this blog still active? Why or why not? I also find myself making an effort to leave an odd comment or like in my wake. Yeah, on a blog that’s been silent for two years it may never even see the light of day, but stored on a server somewhere is a random thank you.

This came to my attention because I got curious about the GW2 API key. As someone who has messed around with EVE I was trying to figure out what tools existed for GW2 and how extensive the API was. My attempt to find tools led me to this post. It was written almost three years ago, in October of 2015. I still found many of the tools listed on it quite handy and there are a several other posts that I may go back and take a look at as well.

Unfortunately the last post was in August of 2016, nearly two years ago. This means that any mechanical information/numbers have likely changed since then. It’s a weird feeling, like looting scrolls off a skeleton in the corner.

I get it though, it’s a lot to expect any specific franchise to hold a person for that long. I think my single longest run was FFXIV, and that was just over one year. Can’t help but wonder what happened though.

I wasn’t an isolated incident either. I saw at least one other comment from this year on another post.

I just find it interesting how doing this has changed my perspective so much in only a couple of months. So slowly, so subtly.

So rest in peace, Guild Wars Hub, may you find solace in the fact that your effort and dedication was appreciated, if only too late.

2 thoughts on “Noticing random blogs in the wild

  1. I’ve played GW2 since launch and I can’t recall ever hearing of Guild Wars Hub. That’s a very useful compilation of assets, though. I think most of them are still up and running. Thanks for the tip – I’m going to bookmark it for future reference.

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  2. Most are indeed still up and running. GW2efficiency has mostly taken over all necessary functions for stuff though.

    Two oldies but still goodies that weren’t mentioned on that post: and

    GW2 Taco is another overlay. Arcdps is the dps meter.

    All of them will absolutely ruin game immersion and the sense of discovery and hasten you toward the jaded veteran endgame, much like the level 80 boost, so use ’em only when you’re ready to.

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