Technical Difficulties

gaming mouse.png

This just hasn’t been a good week for my computer. I came home earlier this week to find my programmable button mouse non-functional. It wasn’t that old, so I don’t know if it just gave up the ghost or if the kids/critters damaged it and I don’t reckon it matters really because the truth isn’t going to alter the fact that it’s not working.

So I grabbed an old gaming mouse I had set to the side because the scroll wheel no longer worked properly. It’s mildly annoying to use, but it works, right?

Then thursday night I finally managed to get all three(!) of us on GW2 at the same time. It was the first time we’d all been on and I had really wanted to get a screenshot of all of us. That was unfortunately not meant to be, it seems. Shortly after getting on and headed towards Kessex Hills to grind some leather my power flickered from an ongoing storm and this turns off the computer.

Now, I love my computer, but it doesn’t have an SSD and it hasn’t been wiped in a long time, so starting it up and getting everything rolling takes a good 5-10 minutes at least.

I eventually managed to get back in and we wandered around while my brother was afk and did some events, and my dang computer locked up. Honestly I think it’s a video driver issue, it’s really rare but it happens sometimes. I noticed a “new drivers available” notification during the previous restart so, yeah.

Anyway, by the time I got back on my coworker had already logged off. We piddled around then went to do my level 40 personal story quest. During the first stage the laser on my backup mouse quit. Not really a surprise, it was old and worn out, but talk about timing.

So I acquired the $10 Walmart mouse we use on the laptop and powered through. Guess I’m in the market for new peripherals. I’ve got an idea of what I want to try, but right now I have to choose between that and expansion(s) for GW2 and I really don’t want to be the odd man out for content. I can live with a cheap mouse for a little while, at least the scroll wheel works properly on this one.

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