Nothing New – GW2 and Modded Terraria

So as far as what I’m up to in my off hours, I’ve been playing GW2 solo. There is a vague sort of goal, but I’m not really pushing it too hard. I just work on zone completion one zone at a time occasionally punctuated by story every… zone and half or so? Not really counting.

For the most part, it’s fairly routine. Which is kinda the point. The purpose of the thing is to just zone out and no focus too hard on what’s going on.


Of course, it has its moments, like chasing cryptids through the snow while searching for a Yeti.

I’m currently working on a human Guardian. No grand design, as it were, just a basic mace/shield build. The main goal is to reach HoT and earn mastery experience for my other characters by ticking all the boxes (again). My other option was to just grind the same ol’ junk over and over, which would have been faster but not nearly as fun or interesting. I’m in the low to mid-50s at the moment, I think.boss log

One of the other things going on is our modded Terraria playthrough. We don’t exactly use a lot, but the largest one is quite severe. This long vertical banner is a boss log that lists the bosses more or less in order and ticks them off as you complete them. It’s primary function is to help us keep track of where we are, what we’ve done, and not done.

The extra bosses on the list are from the Calamity mod, which adds a lot of extra stuff and expands the overall progression. We’re also using a “magical storage” mod, but I haven’t managed to get the materials to start one. Storage and sorting of items is one of my problems with Terraria, and it’s even worse with Calamity.

We also use the special music mod that goes along with Calamity.

Of course, we did this once before and made the mistake of doing it on mediumcore, so your items drop on death. This can result in major setbacks when you die in an inconvenient location and cannot reach it at all or within a reasonable amount of time. Since the server has a maximum item spawn limit, it doesn’t take that long for your gear to start disappearing, especially with repeated deaths. Since progression is primarily gear-based, this is a pretty severe inconvenience.


This time we took a different approach, we’re running on maximum difficulty on softcore. That means created a world in “Expert” mode, and enabling Revengence mode.


Followed by Death mode.

def rune

And the Defiled rune for good measure, because we hate ourselves. I suspect we’ll have major issues with some of the bosses. We used nurse healing to cheese a couple of them and this mode has disabled that, so we’ll see. There’s a good chance we start getting frustrated right around Skeletron, the first really hard boss, in my opinion.

So that’s what I’m up to. Y’all take care, and good luck with whatever you’re doing. I know I’m going to need some myself.

blapril-2020-200Hey, it’s Blapril time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

More happenings in Guild Wars 2

Now that I have some people playing with me, we’ve continued with our random adventures. When all three of us are around we just sort of do whatever. Late last week we managed to three-man the first dungeon. It wasn’t to bad, except the part where we got trolled by the cave troll. That took several tries to get a handle on.

guild favor

We also managed to complete our first guild mission. We basically just spammed the mission till we got lucky enough to end up in the zone, locate the target, and take part in the fight. Admittedly I just asked in map chat as soon as we hit the zone and people generally point me in the right direction if they  know.


Those two activities were done with my Scrapper, which I was running a form of healing build on. Around the time we reached the end of the main story line my brother came to the conclusion that he didn’t like the overall playstyle of the Mesmer.


So he used a boost, which led to the discovery that he’d have to do the main story over again. In order to save some time later I went ahead and boosted my warrior so I could get credit for the story the second time through. I’ve really been enjoying this dual axe build.


I’m also kinda broke cause I’m a bit of a crafting junkie. Gives me something to work on during downtime and the bags from leatherworker are nice.


Extraordinarily frustrating though, was the time period between hitting level 80, the first time through, and unlocking the mastery system. Once the bar filled up it gave a little popup notification in the bottom corner telling me to do something I couldn’t do. It was… annoying. Eventually got it sorted though. Didn’t really know what to do with it though, so I just started pushing down the default skill for now.

quest progress

We initially went to do Heart of Thorns and realized we were missing some details, so we picked up season 2 of the living world content and we’ve been working through that first. I like most of the bits of actual content, and I love doing events in the open world to progress instead of everything being instanced. Man do they talk though. So, much, exposition.

Overall we’re trucking along though. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do Ascalon Catacombs in exploration mode soon. Probably won’t get a chance till this weekend though. It’s hard to get all three of us online at the same time, especially for an extended period of time.

That’s pretty much the highlights so far. We’ll… keep doing this until we’re sick of doing it.

Technical Difficulties

gaming mouse.png

This just hasn’t been a good week for my computer. I came home earlier this week to find my programmable button mouse non-functional. It wasn’t that old, so I don’t know if it just gave up the ghost or if the kids/critters damaged it and I don’t reckon it matters really because the truth isn’t going to alter the fact that it’s not working.

So I grabbed an old gaming mouse I had set to the side because the scroll wheel no longer worked properly. It’s mildly annoying to use, but it works, right?

Then thursday night I finally managed to get all three(!) of us on GW2 at the same time. It was the first time we’d all been on and I had really wanted to get a screenshot of all of us. That was unfortunately not meant to be, it seems. Shortly after getting on and headed towards Kessex Hills to grind some leather my power flickered from an ongoing storm and this turns off the computer.

Now, I love my computer, but it doesn’t have an SSD and it hasn’t been wiped in a long time, so starting it up and getting everything rolling takes a good 5-10 minutes at least.

I eventually managed to get back in and we wandered around while my brother was afk and did some events, and my dang computer locked up. Honestly I think it’s a video driver issue, it’s really rare but it happens sometimes. I noticed a “new drivers available” notification during the previous restart so, yeah.

Anyway, by the time I got back on my coworker had already logged off. We piddled around then went to do my level 40 personal story quest. During the first stage the laser on my backup mouse quit. Not really a surprise, it was old and worn out, but talk about timing.

So I acquired the $10 Walmart mouse we use on the laptop and powered through. Guess I’m in the market for new peripherals. I’ve got an idea of what I want to try, but right now I have to choose between that and expansion(s) for GW2 and I really don’t want to be the odd man out for content. I can live with a cheap mouse for a little while, at least the scroll wheel works properly on this one.

Continuing Adventures in GW2

I mentioned trying this out a while back and the possibility I’d be able to rope a couple of friends into it with me. That’s pretty much exactly what happened. There’s a whole three of us!

Seriously though, we’ve all been enjoying the game to varying degrees. It’s familiar enough that we can pick it up and do things yet different enough to stand on it’s own and make us adapt and learn.

duo pic

The three of us are running Engineer (myself), Elementalist (brother), and Necromancer (coworker). A rather odd collection but for the moment it works. To be fair, at the time of writing we haven’t actually been online at the same time as my coworker. There’ll be a screenshot of us in this post when it gets published, hopefully there will be three of us in it.

early build.png

I’m still struggling a little bit with builds in this game. I love the flexibility of the classes to fill a variety of roles, I’m just not used to it. I’m currently running an unfocused pistol/shield turret build. I’ve been slowly leaning in a weird tank/support direction and I spent some time with a build editor getting an idea for a more focused version.

Feel free to criticize it, if you must. Keep in mind that I’m only in the low 40s level-wise and I’m not currently worried about “the meta.” Right now I’m just doing what seems fun while remaining functional.

I couldn’t tell you what my brother’s elementalist build is, to be honest, but it’s some manner of squishy high damage build. Likewise my coworker seems to be building some manner of “pet army” necro.

I did make us a little guild to putter around in, as I usually do. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting anywhere in a hurry though, we simply don’t have the quantity of money to do guild related things at the moment, and we haven’t all been on at the same time either.

One thing that’s been interesting is the difference between my experience and theirs. I can only assume, since I have access to the trading post, sending mail, 5 character slots, and 5 bag slots, that I must have purchased the core game. I don’t remember doing this but my account is a little less than a year old and the evidence speaks for itself. The other two are currently using FtP accounts. My coworker in particular is not exactly thrilled about that experience. Specifically the restrictions on the trading post and mailing items seem to be bugging him. I suspect that my brother and I will pick up the dual expansion pack whenever it is convenient to do so, with an emphasis on sooner rather than later.

There are some things I find particularly interesting in my experience. First off, the zones feel absolutely massive. I know this is aggravated by our lack of mounts and I think the quantity of content in a given area combined with the distractions, like events, make them feel even larger.

crafting tabs.png

Second, I totally didn’t know there was a “discovery” tab in the crafting window until I got curious about the lack of recipes, derp.

guild tabs


In fact, I have quite a few issues with the layout of several interfaces in the game. Those icon only side tabs are really easy to overlook and I had to ask my coworker where he found the dye and wardrobe options because I completely overlooked them. I also had issues with the guild interface because I kept wanting to click on the text entries in the “Guide Index” instead of the icons on the side.

dye interface.png

adore the dye system in GW2. As someone who last played FFXIV as a primary MMO it’s a wonderful relief to use. Mostly because I don’t have to make sure I have stinkin’ dye pots layin’ around. I need to dig into it some more though because having to redye every time I change an armor piece is mildly annoying. I’m okay with the nice basic brown color, just not quite that much of it.

Their monetization is working well for me also. Probably because I own the core game. The game is set up in a way that makes me want to buy things in the cash shop without making me feel like I need to. I’d say the expansions are the exception, but I feel that’s fair.

Either way, I reckon I’m gonna roll on. Feel free to look me up if you play: Kenidil.3924

Guild Wars 2 and Blaugust Recovery

Blaugust ending on a holiday weekend has really blown my routine. Most of my posts have defaulted to day by day updates on whatever I’m doing because I honestly haven’t been doing all that much. I got some much needed rest though and simply need to get back in the swing of it.

One of the ways I did this was poking around in GW2. I suggested to a coworker and a couple of others that we spend some time giving it a fair shake as a group. So far only my coworker has bothered, though he’s quite enjoying a necromancer. I think I tinkered with it once, up till around level 6-8 but didn’t really like the way it was working out for me and moved on.

That moving on part is also contributing to the problem. I’m having an issue deciding what exactly I want to run as part of a group. I’m so used to the idea of classes being tied to a role that the slightly more freeform roles in GW2 are causing me some small amount of grief.

See, I’ve grown accustomed to being the group tank. On the whole though, threat seems to be less… straightforward… in GW2. I did some reading this morning though, and it looks like the go-to tank for bosses/raids is actually the Chronomancer spec of the Mesmer. I certainly never would have thought to look there.

Unrelated to that I’ve been tinkering with each class one at a time and last night was the Mesmer. I did like the class for the most part, though I certainly wasn’t using anything resembling a tank build. I barely hit level 11 though, so that’s also a factor.

I have yet to try the Ranger, Thief, or Elementalist, so I need to do that to round out my options. I also haven’t tried Revenant, but I’m not likely to buy the expansion in the near future. Related to this, however, is that we ended up on separate home worlds. It may never be an issue, but I’d rather correct it sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is back to Warframe though. Probably won’t be a long post, just going over the details of the grind. Until then.

Something New – Guild Wars 2

New to me anyway. I tried the game briefly a while back and just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I decided to give it a second go because I’m stubborn and I want to like it. It was also a good opportunity to play with my oldest child since it’s free to play.


I abandoned my original Norn Engineer and rerolled as a Charr Warrior. I have no idea why I like this character. Maybe because it’s different, as I don’t normally do the straight warrior type of class.

Ashford Complete

So I spent a while running around the starting zone doing, well, everything, basically. That’s how I got to level 19. I wandered into the next zone over but was having issues of being too low level, which was confusing since I had done everything in the previous zone and that’s not how I expected this to work.

Diessa Started

I did eventually learn that I was merely in the wrong section of the zone. I found the gate to the main city and the content in that area was more my level.

land mine

I ended up clearing the road of landmines and human terrorists and managed to get 20.  I went ahead and did the level 20 personal story. This may be somewhat spoilerish, I  have no idea how the personal story works. If  you’re worried about that kind of thing, skip the next couple of paragraphs.

I wasn’t really into it at first, it was basically “Your father is an idiot, go fix it.” I mean, he stole an important relic that belonged to the humans we’re supposed to get along with to trade it for one of his buddies who got captured by the terrorists. He’s an idiot, it was a bad plan. His buddy died anyway, he got arrested and sentenced to death.

story choices

Then he asked us to bail him out so he can prove… something. I’m honestly not good with this kinds of choices. I maintain he’s an idiot, but since he seemed to be an idiot with his heart in the right place I eventually let him out. Which took a lot, because I’m a more letter of the law kind of person most of the time and his actions up to this point have been… questionable.

scenic view.png

I like this view so I took a picture. Admittedly, my progress in this game is going to be somewhere between slow an nonexistent. I like it, but the majority of time with spent with Warframe, MHW, and keeping up with blog posts. The soft commitment to cover something new once a week is also proving challenging. I have some things lined up, but finding the time to sit down with them, take pictures, and write a post is weird because I’m used to focusing on only one or two things to the exclusion of pretty much everything else.

Here’s to breaking routines to do new stuff. Life would be kind of boring without upsetting the cycle once in a while. Peace.