Continuing Adventures in GW2

I mentioned trying this out a while back and the possibility I’d be able to rope a couple of friends into it with me. That’s pretty much exactly what happened. There’s a whole three of us!

Seriously though, we’ve all been enjoying the game to varying degrees. It’s familiar enough that we can pick it up and do things yet different enough to stand on it’s own and make us adapt and learn.

duo pic

The three of us are running Engineer (myself), Elementalist (brother), and Necromancer (coworker). A rather odd collection but for the moment it works. To be fair, at the time of writing we haven’t actually been online at the same time as my coworker. There’ll be a screenshot of us in this post when it gets published, hopefully there will be three of us in it.

early build.png

I’m still struggling a little bit with builds in this game. I love the flexibility of the classes to fill a variety of roles, I’m just not used to it. I’m currently running an unfocused pistol/shield turret build. I’ve been slowly leaning in a weird tank/support direction and I spent some time with a build editor getting an idea for a more focused version.

Feel free to criticize it, if you must. Keep in mind that I’m only in the low 40s level-wise and I’m not currently worried about “the meta.” Right now I’m just doing what seems fun while remaining functional.

I couldn’t tell you what my brother’s elementalist build is, to be honest, but it’s some manner of squishy high damage build. Likewise my coworker seems to be building some manner of “pet army” necro.

I did make us a little guild to putter around in, as I usually do. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting anywhere in a hurry though, we simply don’t have the quantity of money to do guild related things at the moment, and we haven’t all been on at the same time either.

One thing that’s been interesting is the difference between my experience and theirs. I can only assume, since I have access to the trading post, sending mail, 5 character slots, and 5 bag slots, that I must have purchased the core game. I don’t remember doing this but my account is a little less than a year old and the evidence speaks for itself. The other two are currently using FtP accounts. My coworker in particular is not exactly thrilled about that experience. Specifically the restrictions on the trading post and mailing items seem to be bugging him. I suspect that my brother and I will pick up the dual expansion pack whenever it is convenient to do so, with an emphasis on sooner rather than later.

There are some things I find particularly interesting in my experience. First off, the zones feel absolutely massive. I know this is aggravated by our lack of mounts and I think the quantity of content in a given area combined with the distractions, like events, make them feel even larger.

crafting tabs.png

Second, I totally didn’t know there was a “discovery” tab in the crafting window until I got curious about the lack of recipes, derp.

guild tabs


In fact, I have quite a few issues with the layout of several interfaces in the game. Those icon only side tabs are really easy to overlook and I had to ask my coworker where he found the dye and wardrobe options because I completely overlooked them. I also had issues with the guild interface because I kept wanting to click on the text entries in the “Guide Index” instead of the icons on the side.

dye interface.png

adore the dye system in GW2. As someone who last played FFXIV as a primary MMO it’s a wonderful relief to use. Mostly because I don’t have to make sure I have stinkin’ dye pots layin’ around. I need to dig into it some more though because having to redye every time I change an armor piece is mildly annoying. I’m okay with the nice basic brown color, just not quite that much of it.

Their monetization is working well for me also. Probably because I own the core game. The game is set up in a way that makes me want to buy things in the cash shop without making me feel like I need to. I’d say the expansions are the exception, but I feel that’s fair.

Either way, I reckon I’m gonna roll on. Feel free to look me up if you play: Kenidil.3924

One thought on “Continuing Adventures in GW2

  1. Just go ahead with the build experimentation for now. You’ll get enough points by lvl 80 to unlock everything, so there is no way to wind up in a dead end position. The more you play around with weapon and trait and skill variations, the better you’ll be with the totality of the class and being able to adapt to different situations.

    Meta is used mostly for group content like fractals and raids, where a bunch of theorycrafters have mathed out highly efficent builds for the purposes of outputting predictable desirables in group content, given the assumption that other people are also running meta builds that synergize, and most everybody just copies them as a shortcut to thinking their way through and possibly reinventing the same wheel.

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