Something New – Abyss Odyssey


I went into this having absolutely no idea what it was. I just picked a somewhat random game from my Steam library and went with it. I don’t even know how I got it, probably a humble bundle or something.

It does feature some manner of co-op as well, though I wasn’t in a position to try it at the time.

blank wall.png

Gameplay wise this seemed a lot like a Metroidvania style of game. I kept finding odd walls like this one that I assume could be interacted with, but never was able to. The game does have different special moves you can switch out at shrines, but I didn’t get any new ones while I was playing.

death tipster.png

I did come across this guy, who I presume sells tips. I never paid for one, but 100 gold is pretty cheap. He just sort of randomly occurs.


Speaking of randomly occurring, this is the “map.” For what it’s worth each of those boxes is a node with a procedurally generated level. It functions as a rogue-like in that regard. Every trip through is different.

dungeon merchant.png

Among the things I found was a random merchant. I had some cheap accessories so I went ahead and picked them up. Strangely there’s also a “Fight Shopkeeper” option, but I figured that wasn’t wise and left it alone. Also visible here is a different sword that I bought in town after I died the first time.

enchanted gladius

Then I learned that they also occur randomly at shrines within the dungeon itself. I used this one for quite some time.

curse sword

I came across a different one in the same run but I wasn’t willing to lose three damage for… whatever curse does.

enemy area.png

Speaking of which, I tried repeatedly to get a screenshot during combat, but I never got one I particularly liked. It’s not uncommon for an area to have edges that go dark like this and spawn several critters. You can just see the legs of one on the right side there.

Combat reminds me of some older SNES style side scrollers, Final Fight and Act Raiser come to mind. It has a fighting game kind of feel to it, with leg sweeps and grabs. The gold circle on an enemy above is a block. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by more than one or two enemies in these rooms because it’s hard to focus one and dodge all of them.


When you die though, it spawns this soldier in your place. He’s a very basic version of the starting character and can apparently revive you if you can get to a shrine with him. I was never so fortunate.


When he dies you end up here. In theory you can use the thing on the right side to respawn at a checkpoint, but I never got whatever item I needed to activate one, so it was always back to town with me.

no gear.png

Speaking of which, I died a little when I realized I lost all the equipment I bought before the last run. At this point I pretty much just quit, I wasn’t in the mood to make another pass at it.

Overall it was better than I expected. I typically have low expectations for the random games in my library that I don’t know how I got. Unfortunately I just don’t have time to play it any more than I already have.


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