Writing – Five Least Viewed Posts

What better time to do this than right behind the five most viewed? I’m going to start with the “least viewed” and go up from there.

  1. Monetization and Episodic Design (1) – Hey, look at that. I wrote this one in the distant past of this past Monday. Funnily enough, it has two likes but only one view. A good job of highlighting just how deceptive the view counter can be.
  2. Monetization Pt 2/3 – F2P Musings (2) –  This one is ancient, for me. September of 2018. I vaguely remember writing it, but as the second out of three it seems a bit of a rant now. I guess I kinda agree overall with it overall? I don’t really hold any particular business model as better or worse than another these days. I just judge each game on its own and admit that every model has pros and cons.
  3. #1485 (Untitled) (2) – Ah, an oops I forgot to post and now I don’t feel like it post. Can’t say I blame anyone for skipping that one. Interesting side-note this is mostly a side effect of WordPress’s “You’re on an X day in a row writing streak!” notification. It does a good job of guilting me into writing throw-away posts just so the counter doesn’t reset. Not as practical these days, and outside the blapril event window I’m not sure I would bother. Even when I do throw-away posts, I try to do more than a few sentences.
  4. Super Discount Clothing and more Eco (3) – Another short late-night post about thrift store pants and a little bit about the game Eco. The former is pretty normal for me. If I’m wearing it, it was either given to me or came from the thrift shop. Where clothing is concerned I’m pretty cheap functional. I actually liked Eco, though I always felt it was meant to be played by a larger group of 12-24 people. I found it in the earlier days of economic research because it would work well for small-scale research on government and policy.
  5. Something New – World of Goo (3)– A something new post with only two images? I’m never letting that guy write again. I didn’t even remember playing this till I read the post. That’s actually kind of sad. I don’t think I invested a lot of time in it. That was pretty normal when I was doing the EGS games every week. I tended to spend more time with the narrative-driven titles, but even that might only be an hour or so. I’ve been debating the wisdom of doing these weekly. Now that I’m taking classes and not gaming as much, I don’t know that I can be so consistent.

So there it is. Two posts about monetization, two throw-away posts, and one that just didn’t connect. I’m not sure what to do with this information at the moment. I’ll probably give some pause before posting about the first and try to avoid the second completely. The last one, well, that’s just how it is sometimes, I guess. In hindsight, it doesn’t look like my best effort, but I couldn’t tell you what I was doing or how I was feeling that day. Maybe that was the level of effort I had available that day.

With Blapril winding down I’m giving some amount of thought to post frequency and content. I like the daily format and I’ll have some time between semesters, but once I dig deeper into my research project it will likely occupy most of my thoughts. Since my blog posts are typically a reflection of what I’m thinking about, they might get a bit… monotone.

Y’all take care. Get some extra sleep, make sure you eat, something.

blapril-2020-200Hey, it’s Blapril time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

Top Five – Most Viewed Posts

While considering my view count and answering a question on discord, I combined the “Five Favorite Game Series” idea that’s going around (It’s apparently Krikket’s fault) with a curiosity about my most viewed posts. I intend to do one of those also, at some point, but this is where my thoughts are today. I actually already knew one of the top five, but it’s since gone from number one to number two.

  1. FFXIV – Shadowbringer Astrologian. (687) This is probably the surprise that shouldn’t have been. It only averages one hit/day these days, but that small trickle certainly adds up over time. It’s actually been popping up a bit more lately. This was a first impressions piece after all the big changes in the expansion. It wasn’t a fun time, especially for a shielding spec.
  2. GE Big Boy Appliances. (546) The throw-away necro-post that for some reason still gets the odd hit here and there. It was down to only a few hits per week, but with me posting more for #Blapril it’s gone up to a few hits/week. This was my #1 post for a long time but now lags by a little over a hundred views.
  3. FFXIV – Hildebrand Sidequests. (297) Another throw-away post reminiscing about getting caught up on said very goofy quest series. It’s… not for everyone. I have no idea why this post gets hits, but I quite like the images I chose.
  4. FFXIV – Shadowbringers – Astrologian Revisited. (241) It’s almost impressive that my follow up to the other post managed to make this list. It actually has 440-odd fewer views. That’s around 33% of the original. This was mostly an update once I reached and tried my hand at some of the end-game content. I thought maybe the problem everyone was complaining about was end-game specific. In hindsight, I guess the problem existed and I simply didn’t care. “You don’t pay my sub,” as they say.
  5. LegalEagle v. Matpat? (206) I don’t remember hearing any more about this, but it happens to be the oldest post in the list. It was more of a maybe YouTube drama/maybe fake drama curiosity at the time. I’m still not convinced it wasn’t designed to drive views for both channels while providing a very polite “I see you” sort of acknowledgment. Not sure it matters, a year and a half later.

So there it is. Got a cute little pareto/power law kind of curve to it. Maybe I should take on the slightly more disturbing topic of the lowest five. I feel afflicted with a sort of morbid curiosity to see what ended up at the bottom of the pile.

Y’all take care, and remember views aren’t everything. They do not define the intrinsic value of our work, only how many people and bots decided to click on it.

blapril-2020-200Hey, it’s Blapril time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

Writing – Recipe Redux

When Easha suggested a “recipe” for the blog writing process, I took the idea and sat on it for a while. I even attempted to write it but ended up disliking it. Having given it more thought and read Mr. Peril’s take, I feel ready to resurrect that post. If it’s a phoenix or a zombie, I guess we’ll see.

I still like my initial cookie analogy. The typical cookie requires a few things. Sugar and/or some manner of additive, flour that serves as the body or meat, and some manner of binder. The very simplest of cookies are simply flour, sugar, and usually butter or some other oil or fat. (Though it occurs to me after the fact that I’m speaking specifically of American cookies, not British cookies.) (Man, what I wouldn’t give for some warm scones right about now.)

My first step is very much akin to Mr. Peril’s. I require some small idea that serves as the sugar or additive. It controls exactly what sort of cookie I’m going to make. I generally have a number of thoughts tumbling around inside my head as I examine, refine, and sometimes plan. When I feel like I’m at a point where I can have or conversation about it or need a sounding board, then I begin writing the post. This is typically a rough title, a statement to start from, and a vague outline. (For some posts like my Something New “series” I have taken and edited images beforehand that define what I intend to talk about but without a clear order.) A good example here (of this step) is the writing (Easha’s) prompt + (my) previous post + Mr. Peril’s post = Core Idea. This can be fast or slow, but cannot be easily forced or rushed.

The next step is the “body” of the cookie. The flour that makes up the most of it. Once I’m through the first two or three sentences from the first step, I record my thoughts and impressions on the matter as though I were talking to myself or someone I know. I am generally analyzing that content as I go, fixing small errors as I notice them or they’re flagged. (This is also the step where I insert the images I’m using if any.) I occasionally stop and re-write or add as I see fit. I.E, the first two sentences in this paragraph were added after the fact and required the third to be edited. If I don’t make, these changes as I go, the post-writing process will seem arduous and resentful and I will simply not post it.

The last ingredient is generally a binder or oil that helps form the other ingredients into a single object. I would liken this to the overall flow of a post. Most of this is kept intact from the second step, but I like to at least take a brief moment to consider the logical progression of ideas. It’s not a question of “is this the right order,” but more of a “is this a logical and functional progression?” It’s extremely important not to overdo this step. Too much of this will lead to scrap a post, so it’s kept to the minimum I’m comfortable with.

Once I’ve combined these things there is a brief “cooking” period that one might could call editing. I like my cookies on the nearly raw side, so I try to avoid (excessive) post-processing. You can find one or two (these in this post) in here (in parenthesis.) These are the final tweaks I make. Having “finished” the post and having a definite idea of where it’s going and how it got there, I often add and tweak a few things to make it into an “edible product.”

There is one last thing I do nearly without fail. Once I’m satisfied that my post is “barely tolerable” I “sign off” on it. This is easily identifiable as beginning with “Y’all take care,” because I would wish nothing but good will upon those who make the effort to read the post. It also contains a small piece of the world and culture from which I hail and is something I’m very likely to say to someone else upon parting.

I try to include a little one or two sentence comment right behind it, which typically represents my overall mood. I try to keep it relevant to the post in question, but try not to over-think it. Interesting note, Grammarly despises the comma after “care,” but idgaf and now do it on purpose.

Y’all take care, and phoenix it is, I guess.

Topic Sources or Something, IDK

Ah, topic brainstorming week. At the moment my head is full of information about metamorphic rock, so unless you’re looking for a gneiss pun I’m afraid I’m not the best option. I can keep this schist up all day.

To be honest, I don’t do a lot of intentional brainstorming about blog topics, but I am always thinking. Generally speaking, I attempt to find some way to use what’s at the front of my mind as a starting point. On the off-chance something occurs to me in the more off-hours, I try to write those down, or if I haven’t written for the day I’ll start a post and at least write the shale of the idea so it’s preserved.

See, the problem I have is that if I allow myself too much time to think about the topic before I write it, I will grow tired of the idea or otherwise exhaust my interest in it. It also occasionally happens that I get halfway or all the way through a post then decide I don’t want to post it. Got a few of those laying around. I do occasionally find some manner of inspiration in looking through those posts, which is why I keep them.

Revisiting a topic you’ve talked about previously is another pretty good source of ideas. Everyone changes over time, and reading what you once said or thought about something can provoke some interesting discussion. It is equally useful to read other bloggers’ posts, though I highly recommend you at least mention and link the post that inspired you.

Depending on the type of content you can always find a book or do an online search for writing prompts. There’s plenty of that material out there. Don’t feel bad or blame yourself for feeling void of ideas, near as I can tell this is a perfectly normal and human problem. On the off chance you’re not human, that would be a good source of topics too.

My guidance may not be the best, though, as I have a very loose method to my madness. I rely heavily on a strange synthesis of current events, whatever game(s) I’m playing, and the thoughts that occupy my mind on a given day. This is especially difficult when those thoughts are ones I don’t wish to share or I feel are otherwise inappropriate.

Something I have also considered is commentary on some of my classwork or required reading. The only reason I haven’t gone that far is the most interesting topics are the ones I have to write discussion posts and essays for, and I often fear expending my energy here and coming up short there. The larger writing assignments take a lot of the wind out of my writing sails because I always end up feeling like I should be doing that instead of this.

Anyway, I suppose that’s enough meandering for one day. I think there’s a point in there somewhere. Y’all stay safe out there and avoid hydrothermal fluids. It can apparently cause metasomatism which does not sound fun.

blapril-2020-200Hey, it’s Blapril time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

The Right Time to Start Blogging

With a wonderful influx of new people for Blapril, I’ve seen one of the ideas, comments, and questions that were critical to my success and though I would write about it a little further: the best time to start.

Many of our mentors have expressed this recently and in the past, as have I, but the right time to start is always today. This is really true for all things, not just blogging, but that early momentum really seems to help.

Something I’m prone to doing that I’ve also seen mentioned is the whole research and study phase, where I attempt to make sure I know what I’m doing to ensure that I’m “doing it right.” I saw this idea mirrored well in the advice section of Naithin’s 2020 Blogger Recognition Award post. The idea of abandoning my requirement of “getting it right the first time” was not an easy one, but I was desperately searching for some fundamental change in my life, so I took the risk. I invested as little effort as I could tolerate in initial setup so I could start sooner rather than later.

This also extends to lapses and “failures” too. It’s easy to get out of the habit of doing regular posts, and so far the key for me has been to just start again. Don’t overthink it, don’t dwell on it, don’t worry about yesterday, last week, or tomorrow. Just do something today. Doesn’t have to be a complete post either. The important thing is to start.

As you may have gathered, I think of my blog similar to how belghast got started, a Grand Experiment of sorts. I did not expect to succeed or keep writing for any length of time, I simply wanted to see where it would lead. By any measure I’ve been able to come up with, I consider mine to be a wildly successful experiment that has been nothing but a boon.

That doesn’t mean it’s not work or somehow becomes effortless. Mr. Peril recently wrote “It takes discipline and determination to do it regularly. But the more you write the better you’ll get. Don’t focus on others and what they’re doing. […] Just concentrate on your output and what’s good for you.”

In the last year, I’ve been far more lax and inactive than I’d like, but I had to focus on the choices that were right for me. I simply couldn’t find a way to plan and write posts in a way that didn’t interfere with some other important part of my life. And that’s okay.

By the way, I love this series of comics. I find then very relatable. I encourage you to go check them out when you have time.

Y’all take care, and I’ll risk speaking for the entire Blaugust community, we’re glad to have you. I hope you get as much or more out of it as I have.

blapril-2020-200Hey, it’s Blapril time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

Blaugust – Topics and Brainstorming

I’ve been trying to come up with a “topic brainstorming week” type of topic since the middle of last week, and while I have, it certainly feels counterintuitive. I’ve mentioned previously my written topic list, but it’s important to remember that I don’t generally sit around trying to come up with those ideas, I just write them down when they occur to me.

That’s really the underlying problem I’m having, I don’t do a lot of sitting around trying to “think of” post topics. If I have a lack of ideas in the moment, I simply go look at the list. If I’m really at a loss, I generally just go about my business in the expectation that something will eventually strike me. Failing that I can simply write about feeling uninspired and why I think that is.

Anything I would consider brainstorming that might occur would be after I’ve chosen a topic, as I’m putting my thoughts in order before I write it. This is usually a matter of not being in a position to write at that exact moment, so I think it through instead.

In fact, many posts get stuck at the “thinking about it” stage. It took me quite some time to discuss some of the FFXIV lore because I had a hard time nailing down a good approach to the specific topic I wanted to address. This post itself is a direct result of me trying to outline a weekly topic-related post of some sort. Not that I think of myself as particularly qualified to provide advice, but opinions and perspective are the name of the game.

This leaves me with the conclusion that I do use brainstorming in the process of writing about a specific topic, though not so much about the topics themselves. I also feel the intent may have been to provide a starting point for others to use in their own writing, and I’m not sure I’ve done that either.

Ultimately, I think that blogging is itself a sort of brainstorming activity for me. Many of the things I write about I choose because I’m actively thinking about that topic and I feel like I have something to say about it. At the same time, I’m also exploring and refining those thoughts. It’s one thing to hold an idea in your head, but the process of trying to commit it to “words on paper” requires me to refine it into a communicable idea.

Think that’s it for today folks. Y’all take care.

BlaugustBOnlylogoIn case you haven’t heard, we’re in the middle of an event called Blaugust. The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

Blaugust – Writing Ahead

I’ve talked about topic planning and making time, but something that’s really saved my bacon is writing ahead. If nothing else, it’s nice to have a post or two sitting around ready to go for days when inspiration and/or time run short. Of course, you have to spend the time to write ahead which isn’t always easy.

When I finish a post a little early within my designated “writing time” and I feel adequately motivated, I go ahead and start on the next one, if I know what it is. I’m a little more cautious about this if I’m already a day ahead, though, because I occasionally like to talk about current events or news and like to do so in a timely manner. I wrote several days ahead last Blaugust and I felt like my posts were a little stale by the time they went live. I didn’t feel like I was writing about the present anymore and if I wanted to that meant I’d have to push a post out even further. I settled on one day for myself because I don’t mind delaying one post by one day in order to be more timely about a specific topic. I’m sure that balance is different for everyone.


It’s a little different with posts like this one. I have a vague timeline/schedule that I’m following and can write ahead and/or move these around as I please, within reason. For example, I’m actually writing this on Monday, or starting it at least, and if it was posted on Thursday then all is right in my world.

Notice, though, that I left gaps between those. That was done on purpose, to give me a chance to write about other things. I do this during events like Blaugust so that my topic ideas, which are on the opposite page, have a home. Even if I don’t write them until a day or so ahead of time, I know I’m going to be I spend some time thinking about what I want to say, gathering up some screenshots, images, and/or links to put in. Though I guess that’s more planning ahead than writing ahead.

A good example of using these gaps is that my post on the 31st about Drakore games was not the original intended and scheduled post for that morning, but I felt like writing about it while it was still timely. I had originally intended to do a commentary on the most recent FFXIV patch and even wrote about half of it, but decided I didn’t have a lot to add to what’s already been said, so I reverted it to draft status and haven’t gone back to it.

It’s not for everyone either. I thrive on consistency and planning, but I’m me and you’re you. My way of doing things certainly isn’t the only way, or even the best way, but it’s my way and I like it.

With this being my first post in August proper, I’m glad to have y’all here. I hope you enjoy and appreciate your time, as well as the time of all the other participants and contributors.

Good luck, take care, and stay safe. Let’s start this shit up.

BlaugustBOnlylogoIn case you haven’t heard, we’re in the middle of an event called Blaugust. The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

Blaugust – How I Found and/or Made Time

Last year, one of the things I really didn’t have a handle on was my schedule. My weekday schedule is pretty consistent, and I have really become attached to that consistency. I also don’t like being watched or observed in the process of writing.

What I ended up doing, knowing this, is looking for the times at which I wasn’t particularly busy, like vaguely reading reddit or skimming the news and matched those up with times when I was generally unbothered.

The most obvious of these was in the morning after everything is started up and running but before anything had a chance to get busy and go pear-shaped. In fact, a lot of my writing in the week still happens during that time. It naturally worked out to be a good time. This is also why most of my posts get scheduled for 10 AM. If I feel like it’s “done” then I go ahead and schedule it. If not, I’ll leave it for review that evening or the next morning.

It does occasionally happen that I don’t get an opportunity to write or finish a post during that time, which is fine. Life happens. In those circumstances, I work on it shortly after I get home. I get the essentials out of the way, dinner and all that, let my brother know that I’ve got a post to work on before I can play and get to it.

The willingness to make time for it has really been the biggest part of it. Making it a priority over the things I would normally do during that time in order to see it through. There is a bit of a problem here, though, and that’s resentment.

Now, there are certainly times where I’m less than thrilled about the prospect of working on a post instead of whatever else I was going to do. I typically still choose to do it anyway because if I abandoned everything the moment I didn’t want to do it anymore, I wouldn’t get anything done. That and the whole idea behind my participation was to prove to myself that I could do it. You should never find yourself resenting the effort, especially not every day. I think the difference is an internal one. “I’m making this sacrifice for X reason and I’m okay with that” vs. “Why am I doing this again?” It’s really easy to overstep the first one though and find that you sacrificed more than you like. That’s a normal part of the learning process and simply means you got priorities a little backward. Once you realize that you can correct it when it comes up in the future.

That said, you cannot do it to the exclusion of all else. While I am immensely glad I took some classes during the Summer semester, I grossly underestimated the load it would place on my schedule. They involved a lot of writing and not the loose informal style I use here, but proper MLA essay writing. I ultimately had to choose to write the classwork instead of the blog posts in order to keep up. I do not regret those choices because I understand that my blog is writing for pleasure, really, and the classwork has a measurable impact on my future and my family’s future. I will not have my time and taxpayers’ money spent in vain.

I’m dearly hoping that this coming Autumn semester will be at least a little less intense. Enough to at least allow me to continue writing blog posts, amongst everything else.

Hopefully this helps. Y’all stay safe, and watch out for burnout. It’s a sneaky bugger.

It’s Been Like, Six Months, Scoob

Suddenly occurs to me this morning that Blaugust started over six months ago. That means I’ve been doing this about ten times longer than my typical project. A nice victory, to be sure. In my revelation I took the time to go through some of my older posts, particularly the more meta ones where I was talking about the blog itself. I’ve pulled out a few quotes out that I found interesting.

Maybe it’s some form of guilt. I look at all my past endeavors and see a long string of abandoned and/or forgotten projects. In a way I think I fear this will join that list, ultimately. – Pre-Project Jitters

Yep, long standing problem, but between the blog and a few other random I have sufficient evidence to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Some thing stick, some things don’t, and some come and go like tides. Among the things I talked about in the earlier days that I haven’t brought up in a while are Warframe, cause I haven’t played it and haven’t seen much I wanted to comment on, and Elite: Dangerous, which actually does have some interesting things going on, including a massive player expedition to the far reaches of the galaxy. I’ve just been hanging back seeing how it goes for me. Last I read they were having some issues, but they weren’t catastrophic.

Turns out there’s going to be something called Blaugust. A month long event encouraging anyone to blog. One post, thirty posts, whatever.

So they’re talking about the YouTube, podcasts, and blogs. I’m thinking about the various ventures I’ve started and left incomplete and figure “screw it, what I got to lose?” So I signed up, and here I am.

Let’s do this. – Everything must have a beginning – My first post

I’ve been taking this stance more and more often as the blog has gone on. In fact, I believe I’ve said the same thing about this statement before. Thing over there I want to check out? What have I got to lose? Of course, where money is concerned, it’s a little different, but I’ve been getting slightly bolder over time. To the extent that I actually submitted a college application this morning. I mean, worse case scenario I get denied and I’m out the application fee. It’s really a small cost compared to getting accepted.

Once I’ve done that, I go back through and start placing some images throughout the post. It just doesn’t feel right to post this giant wall of text. I honestly don’t think anybody cares or wants to read about it to begin with and that it evokes a sort of “omg, I am not reading all that” sort of reaction. – My Blogging Process

My approximate reaction to reading that one. Image from Hotel Transylvania 3.

Hehe, man I totally didn’t stick to that. My current schedule simply doesn’t allow me to easily throw pictures into everything. All my good editing software is on my PC at home and that’s where the least of my writing occurs at the moment. This was not the case earlier on when I had the 10AM post schedule, but that’s because I was writing them the evening before. I could probably try a little harder though.

I’m going to leave you guys with a quote today. I linked to this in one of my posts back in August and wanted to include it here as well. It wasn’t directed specifically at me, but it was relevant then and now. Y’all take care.

Because, really, it is. The fact that you decided to blog (or stream, or just be a content creator in any sense), whether it was yesterday, or ten years ago, is a huge accomplishment. It may seem like it’s something that everybody does, but I think that’s because we’re in the thick of it.

So remember as Blaugust continues, regardless of what you accomplish compared to your own goals (or what you think they should be), you are successful, you are deserving of being a part of this community, and you’re not the only one who feels this way. – Chestnut – Impostor Syndrome and Your Blog


Willingness to Communicate

So I mentioned at some point that maybe I need to set social media as a whole aside. I’m not sure what’s changed, exactly, but whatever prevented me from engaging with others has weakened significantly.

I think blogging is part of it. I’ve become accustomed to expressing my opinion publicly. Obviously I’m not exactly a very notable individual, in the grand scheme of things, but I get on the internet and ramble on about something for around five hundred words. I dunno, it’s created this idea that I’m not only allowed to speak, but in some cases feel obligated.

Unfortunately, boldness is not the same as correctness. Overall most of my experiences engaging with people have been positive. My goal, typically, is to engage with someone from a point that understands their position, even if I disagree with it. Respectful discourse and all that.

The problem is that I’m increasingly unwilling to pass something by without comment, especially when I disagree with it. This is becoming a fairly severe problem within the current political climate of the US. I personally tend towards the liberal/democrat end of the spectrum. My coworker tends toward the more conservative/republican side of things. Yet we both sit in awe of the people on both sides who’s argument seems to boil down to “that’s wrong because the other side supports it.”

It’s mildly amusing to know my coworker has been having the same issue with social media as well. A little bit worse in his case because facebook and family are involved. I don’t associate with most of mine anymore, on either count.

There’s a different kind of boldness there too. I’ve become much more willing, when I have a question with no clear answer, to just tweet at or email the company/person with said question. I figure the worst that can happen is they ignore me right? That’s usually what happens. I think I’ve only had three responses, ever, and those were via email. A super short and rather belated one from Gabe Newell. At least he was polite.

“Thanks, Steve.” – Gabe

A slightly longer but more dismissive one from someone who gave a seminar at work, and a rather incomprehensible one from a music artist. I was trying to determine if they intended to do any more live streams on their gaming channel.

“I do still them”

I, uh, think I know what that means? Evidence so far has, however, not matched the implied meaning.

It’s cool though, I get it. All of these people are probably rather busy. I appreciate the fact that I didn’t end up in a spam folder somewhere. Each one of those three people took some time out of their day to actually respond, which is more than I ever got via more public platforms like Twitter. I’m sure the somewhat private nature of email helps.

I’ve actually considered fishing around with some interview-ish questions in order to write a blog post, but that seems awful selfish of me, to ask someone for so much time when it seems that it only really benefits me. On the other hand, what’s the worst that can happen, they ignore me?

On that note, I’m gonna go get some work done. Y’all stay safe out there.