Blaugust – How I Found and/or Made Time

Last year, one of the things I really didn’t have a handle on was my schedule. My weekday schedule is pretty consistent, and I have really become attached to that consistency. I also don’t like being watched or observed in the process of writing.

What I ended up doing, knowing this, is looking for the times at which I wasn’t particularly busy, like vaguely reading reddit or skimming the news and matched those up with times when I was generally unbothered.

The most obvious of these was in the morning after everything is started up and running but before anything had a chance to get busy and go pear-shaped. In fact, a lot of my writing in the week still happens during that time. It naturally worked out to be a good time. This is also why most of my posts get scheduled for 10 AM. If I feel like it’s “done” then I go ahead and schedule it. If not, I’ll leave it for review that evening or the next morning.

It does occasionally happen that I don’t get an opportunity to write or finish a post during that time, which is fine. Life happens. In those circumstances, I work on it shortly after I get home. I get the essentials out of the way, dinner and all that, let my brother know that I’ve got a post to work on before I can play and get to it.

The willingness to make time for it has really been the biggest part of it. Making it a priority over the things I would normally do during that time in order to see it through. There is a bit of a problem here, though, and that’s resentment.

Now, there are certainly times where I’m less than thrilled about the prospect of working on a post instead of whatever else I was going to do. I typically still choose to do it anyway because if I abandoned everything the moment I didn’t want to do it anymore, I wouldn’t get anything done. That and the whole idea behind my participation was to prove to myself that I could do it. You should never find yourself resenting the effort, especially not every day. I think the difference is an internal one. “I’m making this sacrifice for X reason and I’m okay with that” vs. “Why am I doing this again?” It’s really easy to overstep the first one though and find that you sacrificed more than you like. That’s a normal part of the learning process and simply means you got priorities a little backward. Once you realize that you can correct it when it comes up in the future.

That said, you cannot do it to the exclusion of all else. While I am immensely glad I took some classes during the Summer semester, I grossly underestimated the load it would place on my schedule. They involved a lot of writing and not the loose informal style I use here, but proper MLA essay writing. I ultimately had to choose to write the classwork instead of the blog posts in order to keep up. I do not regret those choices because I understand that my blog is writing for pleasure, really, and the classwork has a measurable impact on my future and my family’s future. I will not have my time and taxpayers’ money spent in vain.

I’m dearly hoping that this coming Autumn semester will be at least a little less intense. Enough to at least allow me to continue writing blog posts, amongst everything else.

Hopefully this helps. Y’all stay safe, and watch out for burnout. It’s a sneaky bugger.

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