FFXIV – “I’m Tired of Being in this Cramped Old Castle”

Let’s go play in the woods.

I have, of course, spent the majority of my gaming time the last few days punching Titania in the face or, more correctly, watching Puck and Peaseblossom deny me the chance to do so. I gotta give it to her though, I’m sick of being in that cramped old castle too.

I need four more clears to grab the Astrologian weapon, at which point I’m probably going to lay off it for a while. Even using party finder to recruit a “farm” party that’s already cleared it at least once landed me with two clears from about a dozen pulls. Part of that is most farm parties will only tolerate one wipe, if that. It’s a shame, really, considering most of my totems came from the farm party Saturday which was doing it to it.

I really don’t think the fight is all that difficult. I would say the same thing about Eden. There aren’t a lot of tricks or untelegraphed attacks, but the penalty for failure is high. Loss of any DPS during the DPS check is almost certainly a guaranteed wipe, and the single most difficult mechanic is about 2/3 through the check. This is where most groups tend to lose it.

In the vaguest terms, the healers and tanks have the northern half of the platform and the DPS have the south. Right as this phase starts, half of each is marked for instant death, chains form between H/T and DPS, a set of large cones AoEs spawn, and a knockback from the center which is instant death if you stand in it. The going strategy is to stack on opposite sides of the circle, let the chains break from the knockback, then clear the cones right after. That’s followed by two very large AoEs centered on players and one stack and share marker. In the middle of a DPS check.

Getting the normal version of the fight after spending so much time in this one almost seems peaceful, though not any less likely to wipe. Mustard, Puck, and Pease are a force to be reckoned with even then.

Still, at the rate I’m going I’ll either get the totems in the next couple of days or, if I’m really lucky, get the actual weapon drop.

Okay, I’ll shut up about the fae king now. Y’all take care, and remember, if you’re gonna play with Titania, make sure you play rough.

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