Just Random Stuff

This is another one of those days where I did a bunch of little things, but not a whole lot stands out as something to talk about.

Most of my morning involves cleaning the driveway and moving vehicles around to make room few an additional one. It’s a truck on loan from my coworker. This leads to the other major thing I got into today.

Learning to drive a manual. Managed to never need to learn before, and both he and my wife found this infinitely amusing to watch. I’ll actually be headed out in the morning to drive around some and get a better feel for it. Sunday mornings are pretty quiet, so if I manage to stall the thing out I’m less likely to inconvenience anyone.

It’s sad, really, that I made it this far without managing to learn. Come to think of it, I don’t know that my parents ever owned a manual, so there’s never been any particular reason to know how.

This afternoon all I’ve done is the dailies in FFXIV. Something I’ve seen quite a lot lately is that there are quite a lot of people returning to the game. This is to be expected, I guess, leading up to an expansion. All the people that we on hiatus like we did are trickling back in and getting caught up. We’re in the mid-60s with the new jobs now, so pretty soon we’ll be gearing up to do story content.

66 is a pretty good level for Machinist. It’s just now reaching the point where I can see how everything goes together and forms a rotation. At some point I have to sit down and relearn the Dark Knight rotation and do all that inventory management stuff I said I was going to do. That would have been a pretty good thing to do today, but I had to shut the computer down to install new memory and this led to several issues, including a flag on the SMART function of my largest hard drive. It’s still working at the moment, but it’s not a good sign. I need to reset it and see if it re-flags. If so I need to start considering a replacement while it’s still working. I’ll have to restart mid-week to install a new CPU.

That’ll pretty much be it for this motherboard too. It’s now max memory and there’s only one compatible CPU that is a significant enough upgrade to be bothered. As it is I’m going from a 3.07Ghz 4-core to a 3.33 6-core. Not a huge upgrade, but it was inexpensive, so figured I’d give it a try. I’m a little surprised the current one has held out as long as it has. Other than the motherboard it’s the only original piece left of this build. That’s probably a sign that I’ll have to move forward with a more significant upgrade in the future.

Either way, I’ll quite rambling on and move on. I expect the kids are going to wake me up pretty early in the morning. Y’all take care, try  not to stall your car out in the middle of the road.

2 thoughts on “Just Random Stuff

  1. Hehe, I feel you. I drove automatic for the first time last year. Same story I guess. Inadvertently hitting the brake because the left foot is so idle after ~17 years of driving stick…

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