Something New – The Sims 4 – Strangerville


So with my large hard drive dead, I had to worth with what I had left. Most of my game library was installed on that drive, so while I work on setting that back up, I figured I’d grab the new neighborhood in Sims 4, which was installed on a different drive, and give it a look. It’s worth pointing out that I paid the full retail of $20 for it, something which I’m loathe to do with anything in the Sims franchise.

If you want to experience any of this content fresh, you might want to skip this post. I’m not going to even attempt to work around spoiler territory. This little bit of DLC contains a new town based on the original Strangeville, a new Military career track, and a variety of related things. It is somewhat story driven compared to my usual Sims experience, but that may just be because I was specifically pushing the “story” as it were.

69 aspiration.png

I pretty much rushed through creation grabbing the aspiration for the new area and tweaking the wardrobe to be a little less offensive.

70 whole town.png

I found the town itself to be pretty undewhelming. You’re looking at everything. Nine residential lots, half of which are already occupied, two businesses, and The [REDACTED] Lab. I wasn’t willing to take the time required to build something, so I grabbed one of the two low cost prefabs. Specifically the one next to the crashed plane.

71 slip 42

I mostly chose it because I though the flavor text was cute and I liked the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference.

72 backstory.png

This is the little story blurb it throws at you when you first start a game in this town.

73 whole lot.png

This is the lot I chose to use. Everything inside the fence is technically mine, I think, but all those trailers and stuff are purely decorate. They have no function other than atmosphere. In the upper right corner you can see the Curio Shop, which we’ll be paying a visit to in a little bit.

74 aspiration tasks

I started by checking the list of things it wanted me to do for the aspiration. I figured I would wait for the neighbors to show up to greet me before I really tried to wander around and start doing stuff, so I just generally looked around and took in the sights.

75 wiretap

I was going to get the guy a job using the computer in his house, but it turned out to be some sort of fancy wiretapping station. I bought 10 of the listening devices so I could mess with it in a little bit. Gotta figure out those secrets somehow right?

76 stranger plant

The whole town is also covered in these weird little plants. Wasn’t really anything I could do but look at it and take a picture of it. These thing are everywhere.

The neighbors finally showed up, and they were really weird. At first I thought they were zombies or something. They walk really funny and don’t have many options for interaction. The one in camo pants brought a fruitcake.

77 strange fruit.png

A weird fruit thing spawned in the garden bed while they were there too. I realized it could be planted and decided to buy a third garden plot in order to plant it and see what it was. After the neighbors leave that is.

80 being investigated

I couldn’t though, apparently I was being investigated? Nothing to do but wait around at that point.

They showed up, proclaimed my refrigerator contaminated and redacted it. Then one of them told me there was nothing to see and the other sat down for a friendly chat. They didn’t stay long though, and I figured it was time to wander around town and start questioning the locals.

83 consp theorist.png

My first stop was the library, which was full of weird conspiracy theorist nuts with colanders on their heads. I talked to a few and asked around, but ultimately didn’t get a whole lot of useful information. I would eventually return later on though, and find a lot of scientists here as well, which I expect will be useful eventually. Especially since I started chatting up one in particular over a game of chess.

84 history lore

This is a small bit of lore I got doing some research in the library.

87 bar.png

I went over the the bar after that, and it was slap full of military types. I spent some time talking to a few of them.

85 sgt shepard.png

I started with Sergeant Shepard, who probably should have been called commander instead. I got a little further than what we see here when a much better dressed man showed up.

86 sgt karter

He turned out to be Sergeant Karter. Yeah, that’s not typically how military names work, but it makes me want to yell at Private Pyle anyway. Kinda wonder if there’s one around here somewhere.

88 the redacted lab.png

After that I paid a visit to the [REDACTED] lab everyone’s been talking about. It’s a pretty large military and sciencey looking building with a big electronic door that needs a keycard. At least, that’s what I learned once I checked it out.


90 file digging.png

I spent quite a while digging through these piles of, uh, “secret” documents to get enough pieces of evidence to create a “secret dossier.” The whole putpose of having one is that it can be traded for a keycard from a variety of places.

91 curio shop.png

One of those places is the curio shop I mentioned earlier. It has a “secret shop” where you can trade a dossier and 250 simoleons for a keycard that will open the door at the lab. Naturally I came straight here once I had my dossier and went straight back to the lab.

92 spore computer

There’s not a lot down there, to be honest. There’s several of these computers, which need spore clusters that can be obtained with an infection scanner that I’ll have to schmooze off someone from the military base. That goes on the list of things to work on later.

93 spore hallway 1.png

There’s also another large keycard door at the end of this nasty looking hallway. I figured it was probably a bad idea, but I gave it a try anyway.

94 spore hallway 2.png

Turns out I was right about it too. It afflicted me with whatever “illness” was plaguing the neighbors when they visited. I went ahead and started working my way out anyway, as I obviously had more work to do.

95 big plant

On the way out I noticed the plants from before are now… larger. They can be “nurture”d which makes them larger and harvestable. It gives you one of those bizarre fruits from before and returns to this medium state. I was also free of whatever influence had it’s grip on me once I left the facility.

96 the bloom.png

Once I got back to my own property I got a little story update. The entire neighborhood has also changed, including the larger alien plants and little spores floating around in the air everywhere. Not a lot of them, but it’s there.

97 hazmat suit.png

I went back to the curio shop and picked up a hazmat suit, sans filter. It says I can get the filter from the scientists, one of which I was conveniently chatting up earlier and hit friend status with. I called her up about the same time the “Geekcon” happened in the city, so we went to that, and then the next day went to the park for some chess and more chatting up.

98 good friends.png

Success, sort of. It was pretty late once I reached this point, so I sent the guy back to eat, hit the bathroom and get some sleep. I was actually preparing to stop for the day as well, as I’d been at it for several hours and some of my downloads were finishing up and those dailies needed doing.

99 Toilet.png

Then this happened. No idea what’s up just yet, but whatever it is can’t be good. There’s an alien vine thing growing out of the toilet. That’s going to be… inconvenient.

You know what else is inconvenient? This crazy long post. I stopped there for now. I’ll try to update again in the future if anyone cares. I’ll admit, it’s a pretty decent little DLC compared to what I’m used to. As I was explaining all this to my brother he commented that it didn’t sound anything like the Sims he’s familiar with.

Y’all take care, try not to eat any alien fruits and whatnot.

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