Black Desert – We’re on a boat!

sailing ship.png

So our guild finally got around to building one of the large galleon ships. It’s been a work in progress for a while, including a recent poll to name the ship.

They were preparing to depart when I got home, so I grabbed as much timber as I could so I could prepare repair kits on-board, and we set sail to kill some sea monsters or something. It was quite a long ride. I really wish I had got a shot of some of the ghost ships, normal ships, and random sea critters we randomly murdered. It was self defense, kinda.


Using the cannons is actually sort of difficult. You can’t see the projected arc of the shot until you hold the fire button, and once you do you’re on a timer. Wait to long and it fires anyway, let go and it fires. It has a several second cooldown once it fires, and very little side-to-side movement. If the person at the helm doesn’t pull around broadsides you’re just sitting there doing nothing.

It’s also apparently easy to desync off the boat as well, and if you end up linkdead or abandoned it’s either a death sentence or an item from the “loyalty” shop to call a ride.

Either way, we sailed all the way to Port Ratt. Took, quite a long time, and it was nice to at least see it. I didn’t figure I’d be making that trip any time soon due to my super slow boat. We did a sort of transport quest when coming back in order to get some sailing experience.

I really oughta wrap this up and get to bed though. I’m really pushing the limit on time today. Y’all take care, watch out for giant sea monsters and random ghost ships.

3 thoughts on “Black Desert – We’re on a boat!

      1. Yeah, I’m using one to go out and gather all those corals needed for the frigate. When I first used it I had kinda hoped that it’s somewhat comparable to ArcheAge’s clipper. Unfortunately not so much.

        It’S the main reason I decided to go for the frigate to be honest. 🙂

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