It’s alive! – A lizard update

Wow am I behind today. I figured I’d do a quick update on that little lizard I… adopted… a while back.

lizard cage

Today I finally managed to get to an actual pet store and pick up some bedding, so he has a proper enclosure, if a little barren. I used a coconut fiber bedding that comes in something resembling a dirt brick. You put it in a bucket or something and add about four liters of water to it and it turns into something resembling soil.

Overall it’s much better than the random leaves he had before because it can hold moisture and release it over time, something that’s somewhat important going into winter when it’s going to be really dry. The light in the picture above is from a work lamp that has a black light in it. It was fairly cool when that picture was taken but since then it’s up to around 27c in there. I also put a cheap aquarium decoration in there for him to hide in, as he tends to do.

I tried to get a decent picture of him, but he resisted my efforts and my phone’s battery gave out before he did.

At the same time I picked up a jar of flightless fruit flies, something I’ve been collecting from the rabbitry to feed him but less likely to escape. They’re supposed to be self sustaining for a couple of weeks at least.

I haven’t named him yet though, just calling him “the lizard.” I’m open to suggestions. Also, I’m totally assuming it’s gender, I have absolutely no idea.

6 thoughts on “It’s alive! – A lizard update

    1. Heh, I have not, strictly speaking, chosen a name as of yet. I actually had to go looking this morning to make sure it was alive. I hadn’t caught sight of it since I renovated the enclosure. Still there though, just well hidden.


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