Something New – Alchemist’s Awakening


This is one of those games that I added to my Steam wishlist so long ago that it was just relegated to the bottom of the pile and forgotten. I grabbed it on sale for 3.99 a while back. To be fair, this is another one of those Early Access, Survival, Open World, Crafting sort of games. It’s like video game herpes.


Insofar as I played the instructions mostly revolved around things like this, build an oven, build a windmill, build a lightning rod, door, bed, chest, you get the idea. Earlier quests have you build things that give you additional elements.


See, the crafting is based on this elemental circle thing. You toggle different elements on and off and it changes the block and item list to the right of it. Metal plus Nature allows you to make a sword and a bow. Most of my time was spent looking for ways to find more metal. It does drop from some of the random mobs in the area or occur in naturally spawning “grates.” Some of the elements like fire can be used to attack directly as well.


I did find this prebuilt house when I was wandering around. You can see the lion(ess) around the right window.


She sort of follows you around and attacks things that are hostile, which is pretty much everything else that moves so far. That’s really all I know about it, that’s all she ever did.

I don’t see myself playing much of this right now though. The upside is that it does receive monthly(ish) updates, according to At least is hasn’t been abandoned like most games in this category. I didn’t find a whole lot to do, other than what I’ve talked about here, so I’d caution against picking it up at full price without really looking into it. Was overall a good experience though. Everything worked, nothing felt bugged or broken, game looked pretty good to boot. Better than most other titles bearing the Early Access tag.

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