Warframe – Always Be Grinding

quill standing

I mentioned last time how I needed to get some more Quill standing in order to do the new quest they introduced. This is still the case. The best way to do this is to fight a giant walking war machine and particularly his little attendant bots which drop “Intact sentient cores” when destroyed with the operator beam.

111 amp parts.png

Jeromai of Why I Game chimed in and pointed me towards a more effective operator beam to at least get rolling with. I went and grabbed the blueprints and started collecting the parts I need. Most of these are little to no issue. The worst are going to be those murkray livers. Though the cetus wisps are going to a take a bit too. You can randomly find one laying around out in the open or get 5 as a random reward for quests on the plains.

murkray bait.png

See the thing about this bait is that I don’t have a high enough rank with the Ostron faction yet to purchase it. The bait is mandatory. The murkray only appears when using this bait. The upside is that I have the stuff to craft it, I just can’t buy the blueprint.

ostran standing.png

So now I have to grind this faction standing, in the form of plains missions. Y’know, the same ones I need to do for the wisps, so I gotta do it anyway. This will let me buy the blueprint for the bait. The bait will let me catch the fish to get the liver. The liver, and wisps, will allow me to build the amp parts to ramp up my sentient core grind. The cores get turned in for faction standing to unlock the new quest.

See, this is what happens when you don’t play the game for to long. Let that be a lesson to me.

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