Warframe v. Destiny 2 – A Comparative Opinion

So Belghast, Magimos, and I had a few brief words in the discord channel regarding the nature of these two games. In the process, I really felt like I was unwilling to articulate my particular points at length in discord. I could, however, write a blog post about it.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that while I’ve played both games, I’ve invested a much greater amount of time into Warframe. Probably ten hours to every one I’ve spent with Destiny 2, though its rather late appearance on PC is a contributing factor to that.

My sort of working statement was this, “Both are pretty solid games that seem similar on the surface, but have somewhat different core loops. Destiny 2 has a bit more personality to it and Warframe is more mechanically complex.”

Now, it’s important to realize that when I say Destiny 2 has more personality, I’m really speaking about the NPC characters that inhabit the world. I have always found the major D2 NPCs to be more interesting and engaging. I don’t think anything in Warframe has quite had the same impact on me as the D2: Forsaken trailer did. Mainly a sort of “Oh hell no.” Having said that, Cayde was a particularly strong personality in his own right.

As far as mechanics go, I think I’m specifically speaking to the nuts and bolts of gear stats. While I wouldn’t exactly go as far as saying D2 is simple, Warframe’s gear system is absurdly complicated. Collecting the right mods can often be an ardous and time consuming process in its own right, because there are roughly 1000 of the blasted things these days. Most of the “good ones” are rare drops from rare spawns, and then time and effort must be spent to power them up. In many cases, you not only apply an element but a combination of elements that make a new one. On top of that, you will probably have to level and then reset your weapon several times to alter its slots so that those mods can all be applied at the same time. Assuming that you started with a “good enough” weapon to begin with. Of course, weapon chasing in D2 is also a thing, but it never felt as absurdly time-consuming as making a “proper” end-game weapon for Warframe. Maybe I just didn’t get as deep into D2.

Before I move on, the biggest distinction I’ve had between the two is that when I see something new for Warframe, it’s always about a new activity, new area, or new mechanic that looks interesting. For D2 it always felt like the story was a more critical part of the content that serves the needs of the story instead of the other way around.

Now, I can also see where Belghast is coming from regarding the perspective Warframe uses. I personally got used to it, I guess, though I wasn’t fond of it for a long time. Assuming it doesn’t bug out and stick you into some near-first person perspective that’s even more absurd than the normal one. Combine that with the very fast and active sort of movement Warframes’ space ninjas have and I can see where that would cause issues.

I also feel like these points maybe aren’t the most robust. While I don’t feel as attached to the characters of Warframe, the story itself can be fairly engaging. Especially the lore-related sections focused on the Operator, the Lotus, and/or Ordis. Those bits tend to be fairly far and few between, though I’m probably a bit behind now since I haven’t played in nearly a year.

I’ll give it a rest for today, I guess. Now I want to go play both of them.

Y’all take care, and remember, these opinions are not facts. Both games are great games and we don’t all have to like the same ones.

Warframe – Melee Update

What, Warframe?! It’s not Wednesday yet!

We finally got some details on what to expect from the new melee system. It sounds like a pretty good start, overall.

For a start, it’s going to remove the barrier between melee and ranged combat. You will be able to switch back and forth with no delay and add a delay for combo loss on gunplay and certain movements. The hope is to create a fluid system that blends melee into gunplay instead of having them be two essentially separate modes.

Also on the table is allowing us to aim the melee ground slam to some degree. Currently it just drops you wherever you’re located, straight down. I’m not sure how practical this will end up being, though. It’ll certainly be disruptive to people like me that have grown accustomed to the straight down version.

They’re also updating some of the visual effects for melee. Whatever, I guess. I didn’t realize there was anything particularly wrong with the previous ones.

There’s a few other changes as well. Blocking will be automatic in melee mode instead of a key that has to be held. They’re also changing the channeling key, which I never really used anyway. Both of these are so the left and right mouse buttons can control the gun regardless of which mode you happen to be in.

We’ll see how it does, I guess. It’s an interesting start, to be sure.

baby fuzzy

Here, have a baby fuzzball. They really don’t like the flash on my phone.


Warframe – Collection Update

I finally got around to updating my spreadsheet of what I have and was surprised at how much higher it was. My original post put me around the 40% of part collected mark. As of right now I’m sitting at around 65% and I have 23 completed warframes vs my starting point of 8. That’s almost three times as many!

Yet it’s only been four months, and honestly I haven’t been playing as much lately. It’s ironic, in a way, that I keep doing a blog post every day for this long but can’t be bothered to do the same content in a game for more than a few weeks at most without it getting really stale. I really need to get in and level all those frames so try and rank up some more. Part of that grind has to do with the daily standing cap which increases with every mastery rank.

Today won’t be any exception either. Wednesday is generally when I try to start playing and gathering material for a Something New post. As of right now I’m leaning towards EverSpace.

On a related note it’s been mentioned that some Destiny 2 might be back on the menu for a little bit. I never finished Warmind or bought Forsaken, so that should also be a relatively fun jaunt.

Y’know, if you told me of 10-15 years ago that I would not only play but actually enjoy so many shooters I’d have probably told you you’re crazy. I think that’s just the way of things though. I’ve heard similar comments from people about quilting, knitting, and many others, so I reckon it’s just a hindsight thing. They say hindsight is 20/20, but I’m not so sure. Surely you can be nearsighted or farsighted in hindsight?

Either way, I still have catching up to do, y’all take care.

Not A Warframe Post

I mean, all I did was grind faction standing. Rank 4 of 5, seven days of max to finish.

In other news, my brother is working on spinning up a YouTube and Twitch channel that would feature primarily him but also include me. I’ll make sure to have a post about it once it’s fully operational.


Also, my new Pi Zero boards finally arrived. I knew they were small, but man are they small! That’s it laying on a gift card. It’s so… tiny.

Honestly I’ll most likely switch my Retropie install over to the Zero and get my 3 back so I can resume working with Python. I’ve been letting the kids play old SNES titles on it. I have a massive library of games in the basement by my hardware is a little worse for wear these days. Ironically it’s my youngest who has taken to these games more than the others, he was literally jumping up and down playing Super Mario World last night.

My wife also got her first bad review from someone who bought rabbits. People are weird sometimes. She continually insisted that she got ripped off, for reasons that had been communicated to her, on a very large purchase that my wife had very steeply discounted. We’re talking 75-80% off range. We’ve sold individual rabbits for what she paid for eight.

Either way, my coworker isn’t here so I’m pulling double duty and need to go get on it.

Y’all stay safe and if you’re eatin’ turkey tomorrow good luck.

Warframe – Fortuna Update

Wow there’s a lot in this update. This is primarily what I’ve been doing since the update hit last week, and by the time I get close to complete-ish the next stage of this update, including the “raid” encounter with the giant bug thing.

The game has several updates to existing open world features like fishing and mining, as well as some variants and new ones.


Fishing is still spear fishing, but it’s now done with a sort of EMP spear that has a slider moving from left to right on a successful hit. You have to click as the indicator moves through the reddish area to succeed. This is presumably due to most of the new fish being robotic in nature, with most being corpus designs and a few rare orokin ones mixed in.


We even got a new boot. I have yet to see a trophy for it, however.


Mining also got a similar overhaul. It now uses a laser that focuses on little blue flashing spots on the ore veins and charges up similar to the fishing spear. The goal is let go of the button as close to dead center of the indicator as possible. There are quite a few variations in size and motion, and a bonus variant that has a very small box at the end and a much safer “normal” area. If you manage to hit the small box in the double variant you receive an extra item. If you slide off the node while charging then it counts as a fair and you receive the minimum reward.


One of the completely new features is animal conservation. Once you have a tranq gun and a species specific lure you can find poop for that particular critter. When you find it an activate it it creates a very mildly glowing trail of tracks that are specific to one species and only appears in the snow. If you successfully follow the tracks to the call point and successfully mimic the call on the meter that pops up, you’ll get one or more things you can shoot with the tranq gun. This gives animal tags that can be traded for plushy decorations for your orbiter.


Another variant feature is the new customization “kitgun” sidearm. You can spend faction standing on parts and assemble them in different ways to get sidearms with various stats. This is the only one I have at the moment. In order to make full use of them you have to get them up to rank 30 and “gild” them, much like the Amp operator weapon from Plains of Eidolon.


Similarly we also have the new robotic Moa companion which has four different parts. Some of them control the armor,  health, and shields, while others control mod polarity slots and default attacks. I made the most simple model available which, while useful, is really easily killed at the moment. Much like the Amp and the Kitgun it must be levelled up to 30 and gilded in order to customize colors and apply potatoes.


Last is the new form of transportation, the k-drive. The one in the picture is my newly created custom k-drive, which levels up, has mod slots, and other things just like a normal piece of equipment. I’m quite fond of it. All the k-drive stuff has a completely different faction standing from the main city called the “vent kids.” This faction is currently only gained from successfully performing Tony Hawk style trick chains and grinds. You currently gain one standing point for every four trick point, or thereabouts. That is, a 3000 point trick, the max, nets around 750 faction standing, with the parts costing no less than 5k each. The board you see here cost 20k faction standing and a lot of fishing and mining to create.

Overall I’d say this is a pretty good update. There are typically no less than 40 full instances and another 30-40 busy ones at the time I’m typically online and playing. I just managed to upgrade my vent kids and solaris standing last night. I’m currently running with a 14k/day standing cap, so it will probably be another week before I can reach the next standing rank with the main city faction, and that’s assuming I cap every day. I may well tire of the grind before we get there, we’ll see. I’m already doing everything I can to speed up the process and get the daily stuff done as quickly as possible.

It’s a good update though, I look forward to seeing the next bit of story and I love the theme of togetherness behind it. The ARG leading up to the release really brought this out in the community and the real world could use some of it as well.


Update All the Things!

Feeling a little fried from trying track, use, and keep up with so many updates at the same time, and it’s really only three games.

Elite Dangerous has an ongoing update reveal and beta. I’ve gotten semi-familiar with the exploration tools, but failed at mining testing by forgetting to bring a prospector controller. In addition to that, I’m a bit behind the ball on how to outfit a ship for this. It just need so many dang module slots. I’m currently eyeballing a few different potential candidates, but I can’t test any of them in the beta because the beta snapshot was before I earned all my money. Quite honestly I’m not going to invest the time grinding faction and money again just for the beta, there’s just to much to do.

Warframe’s Fortuna update launched last night as well. I’ll do a more in depth post about it next Wednesday, but overall it’s been positive so far. The various “currencies” used seem fairly well balanced so far. At least in the sense that I can get something, but not get all the things at once. The K-Drive is kinda fun in a Tony Hawk’s Pro K-Drive kind of way. Grinding, literally and figuratively, that Vent Kids faction to get the K-Drive parts is probably the slowest moving thing I’ve done so far.

Last, my brother and I are also tinkering with the LOTRO progression server as well, which also launched yesterday. I followed the advice of some other bloggers to eventually make my way through the queue and created a Hobbit Guardian names Kenido. I have no idea what I’m doing and haven’t even made it through the intro quest yet. I did play about an hour on the normal servers and the only major difference to me is the xp gain rate, which is intentionally slower on the progression server. I’ll probably have more to say about it Sunday.

Hardest part going forward is where and how much to spend my available time. I simply don’t have the time to give each of them as much as I would like to, and Warframe will probably get the majority of it this weekend. Gotta get that faction up there to get the blueprints to build the new warframe parts.

Y’all stay safe and grind it till you find it.

Fortuna Needs to Hurry Up and Other Irrelevant News

I was really hoping I’d have a solid post on Warframe’s Fortuna update today, but that relied on “this week” meaning “Monday or Tuesday” which obviously didn’t happen.

In the meantime I’ve just been getting up to random things. I did some powerplay stuff in Elite. I switched factions a while back in order to pick up some prismatic shield generators, but never actually did the work to get them.

Outside of that, we’ve been fishing around for some other games to mess with. One proposal on the table is Raft. We also ducked back into Bless and poked around there for a little bit. Might actually do a short update post at some point, though there really isn’t much to say. I also heard that Shroud of the Avatar now has a permanent free-to-play/trial tier, and that LoTRO is starting a progression server, so those are penciled onto the list of options as well.

In other news, I replaced my phone’s battery this morning with minimal damage. That’ll help quite a bit with communication. It was in a sad state where it only pulled a couple hours of light use between charges. I called the phone company last week when my internet was out and that took me from full charge to 75%.

My city and county also passed measures to allow alcohol sales on Sundays, liquor by the drink, and in a couple of cases, package sales. It’s about time. The senate remains a republican majority but the house has a democrat majority. We’re also returning to a board of commissioners with something along the lines of 80% in favor.

Don’t think I have much else to say today, at least not within the time frame available to think something through and write about it.

Y’all take care.

Warframe – Plains of Grindalot

Right, so having stopped really playing the game for so long we just have so much stuff we haven’t done that it’s unreal. In an attempt to build the weapon from the last bit of story prelude we’ve been hunting the odd giant sentient creature thing in the open world area. To that end we’ve been grinding Quill Nexus faction thing so we can get a better amp. Well, I finally managed to get access to the third tier parts.


And it requires components I don’t have yet from the other “Ostron” faction. So now I have to grind that as well. Not a huge thing, really, I don’t exactly dislike the plains. I’m much more excited about the upcoming corpus city/frozen wasteland type of area in the Fortuna update. That’s in November sometime.


So I turned all my fish in and got to about this point. I can only gain 14,000 per day so there’s a minimum of two days work here. Probably more, as I doubt I’ll hit the daily cap. I really only played for a couple hours yesterday and that’s it.


Within an hour of this post going live my new warframe will be done. I’m looking forward to this one. I haven’t used Nekros for a long time, but I used it so much at one point that it’s still my most used warframe, along with the weapon I used with it, the Karak.

This is my first good stepping stone to a more permanent build to use instead of my go-to Inaros for high level missions. I don’t mind dropping some formas and an exilus adapter to really flesh this one out well. It also was not cheap, as it’s vaulted and I had to buy some of the parts. All said and done it cost about 100 plat and several days for slowly grinding polymer bundles and nitian extract.

While I’m working on that I really need to sort out my primary weapon. I like my Soma and Vectis Prime, but I’m just not pulling the kind of numbers I need. A lot of the higher end missions I’m only pulling 5% dps, consistently. Gotta get those numbers up. I don’t like feeling like I’m being carried through all the content. I realize small trash mob cleanup and revives are valuable in their own way, but I could be doing more.

Warframe – Chimera Update

We recently got a large update to Warframe, 23.10 Chimera. You deserve some pictures here, but I couldn’t find the screenshots I wanted, the ones I could find were rather spoilery, and quite honestly I should have already been in bed, so I didn’t take new ones. I’m sorry about that, I’ll make an effort to avoid this just as soon as I determine the best course of action.

It was a rather large update, to the tune of 3 gigs and contained a wide variety of things, from tons of bug fixes, some new weapons, a sort-of new mission type, and a new quest prelude that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

Not going to say much about the quest, but as with anything involving The Man In The Wall and quests in general lately, the creep factor was present. This quest gives the blueprint for one of the new weapons.

The biggest thing I had to deal with immediately was this, sort-of new mission type. It’s not really a whole new type of mission but more of a variant on existing “endless” type missions. It’s designed to be significantly more difficult. They said something about the mission failure rate for Warframe was about 2.5% and they wanted to make it go up.

I’ve only tried one so far, and we failed about 7 minutes in, so mission accomplished? It functions like an alert with a reasonably high level like 60-80, though the exact range escapes me at the moment. All the objectives take longer or otherwise have odd properties. Reward cycles that are normally 5 minutes are now 10, 5 waves is now 10 waves, etc. Some have other modifications as well, defense missions have you guarding an NPC instead of a monument of some sort. Additionally there’s restricted/no reviving allies.

The upside to all this insanity is twofold. Whereas a typical endless mission has a reward cycle that’s normally AABC, where A, B, and C are different loot tables and the good stuff is usually on C; the new missions are ABCC, with C off into infinity. This means lots of drops from the “good” reward table, if you can hold out that long. The second big perk is that even if you fail you keep the rewards that drop from the rotation tables, so unlike normal endless where people are likely to bail when they get what they want, there aren’t many reasons to stop before failure. Yeah, you lose all the dropped resources, but honestly there are faster and easier ways to get those than these missions anyway.

The biggest downside being that you cannot do these new alerts unless you have 100% map completion. I get it, it wasn’t even a priority for me anymore because I had access to most alerts, with only maybe 6-8 nodes unavailable to me. That’s very different from 100% though. We were around 35ish nodes short of 100% when the update dropped and it took us about four days to go through and finish them all off after we did sorties. We certainly weren’t the only ones, we met several people doing the same thing.

We did finish it and very briefly test the survival mission that was up at the time, but we didn’t make it the 10 minutes for the A cycle. My brother got swarmed and died fairly early and I couldn’t get the damage output to sustain myself the rest of the way. Part of that is my DPS is lower than it ought to be for this kind of content, an issue that I’m slowly working on.

I’ll try to get an update on Warframe collection in the next week or two, I just haven’t had time to sit down and do all the numbers. I know I’ve got at least two new frames since the last update, and I finally got my 50% off plat discount, so I grabbed 1000 plat while I was at it. This means I’ve actually built something to the tune of 7 more frames that I had collected the pieces for and didn’t have room to collect before, with some more on the way.

One of which is the Nekros Prime. Not a super popular frame outside of resource grinding, but I mained the non-prime version for so long that it’s still listed as my most used frame, ever. It was neither cheap, nor easy, and I’m still collecting the actual materials to construct it. So many polymer bundles… I did have to but some of the blueprints. I didn’t have the relics for one drop and didn’t get the drop from the others after using everything I had. I look forward to getting it on the field though.

I absolutely despise the new infinite equipment wheel. I like the fact that it’s now infinite, but the inability to put items where I want them is obscenely frustrating and requires a lot more planning that it did before. The new setup auto-removes empty spaces, so if you want something in the true west slot, you have to cram some other junk in there to reach that point in order to force it. Heaven forbid you run out of something mid-mission. I’ll probably end up piling my non-consumables and things I never run out of, if I can help it, near the beginning so they’re consistently located.

Good luck Tenno, get out there and, CUT DOWN THE, make the Lotus proud. I dunno, maybe the Lotus is the baddie? Are we the baddies?

Warframe Update – Busy Week

This weekend we toned the Guild Wars 2 down a little bit and spent some more time in Warframe. Man we got so much done. I spent a ton of time fishing to round up all those murkray livers and got a resource booster and went nuts on cetus wisps. It takes a little time to do a loop of every lake in the plains but I managed 4-8 wisps per trip with the booster.


We finally finished Mask of the Revenant and built the frame, even though I don’t have a slot for it. It was just a short one-off quest and it’s nice to finally get it done.

With all those wisps and livers I also completed the 111 amp, which as I was told was a massive improvement over the basic mote amp they give you to start with. With two of us and the new amps we were able to actually finish the eidolon Terralyst. Yeah, I didn’t really get a good arcane, but we know it can be done

I also mastered several weapons, Latron, Tiberon, Furis, Fragor, Lectra, the frame Vauban, and a huras kubrow. Also collected the last piece of the Harrow frame, the last piece of a Braton Prime, which got done cooking Monday morning. Made an Amphis, a Grakata for making Twin Grakatas, a couple of incubator power cores, the Diriga and Wyrm sentinels, and a Stubba.

A lot of the leveling was done doing the Kuva Fortress spy mission repeatedly to get the Harrow Neuroptics. We spent several hours learning and running that one mission Sunday. As spy missions go that tileset is absolutely brutal. Lots of long range scanners and really high enemy density.


We also took the time to do some runs on Kela de Thayme to get all the Saryn parts. I even got this rather nice Sentinel mod in the process.

Progress also marches on for the warframe collection project. It’s been quite some time since I mentioned it, but I just updated my spreadsheet and I’ve collected 19 parts since the last update bringing me up to 55% complete. That’s the first time I’ve broke the 50% mark and it even has the newest Prime warframe added to it.

survival vault.png

I labored under the delusion for a long time that Orokin Derelict vaults didn’t exist in the “infinite” mission types, but also learned this week that I was wrong. As evidenced by the fact that I’m looking at one on a survival map. I looked it up and apparently it’s only the assassination and defense maps that don’t have one.

Looking forward there’s going to be some more frame part grinding. I’ve simply got to start getting some plat built up to get some more frame slots in my inventory. I have several in various stages of being built that have no place to go.

In addition I ‘m just slowly trying to grind gear to get higher mastery ranks. I’m about halfway through 11 at the moment and I’m hoping the leveling gear I have now and have in the process of construction will be enough to at least hit 12.

“Heavy robotics signature detected. Lock and load.” – Lotus