Guild Wars 2 and Blaugust Recovery

Blaugust ending on a holiday weekend has really blown my routine. Most of my posts have defaulted to day by day updates on whatever I’m doing because I honestly haven’t been doing all that much. I got some much needed rest though and simply need to get back in the swing of it.

One of the ways I did this was poking around in GW2. I suggested to a coworker and a couple of others that we spend some time giving it a fair shake as a group. So far only my coworker has bothered, though he’s quite enjoying a necromancer. I think I tinkered with it once, up till around level 6-8 but didn’t really like the way it was working out for me and moved on.

That moving on part is also contributing to the problem. I’m having an issue deciding what exactly I want to run as part of a group. I’m so used to the idea of classes being tied to a role that the slightly more freeform roles in GW2 are causing me some small amount of grief.

See, I’ve grown accustomed to being the group tank. On the whole though, threat seems to be less… straightforward… in GW2. I did some reading this morning though, and it looks like the go-to tank for bosses/raids is actually the Chronomancer spec of the Mesmer. I certainly never would have thought to look there.

Unrelated to that I’ve been tinkering with each class one at a time and last night was the Mesmer. I did like the class for the most part, though I certainly wasn’t using anything resembling a tank build. I barely hit level 11 though, so that’s also a factor.

I have yet to try the Ranger, Thief, or Elementalist, so I need to do that to round out my options. I also haven’t tried Revenant, but I’m not likely to buy the expansion in the near future. Related to this, however, is that we ended up on separate home worlds. It may never be an issue, but I’d rather correct it sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is back to Warframe though. Probably won’t be a long post, just going over the details of the grind. Until then.

One thought on “Guild Wars 2 and Blaugust Recovery

  1. The world you’re on will never be any issue unless you decide to do World vs World. If it wasn’t for WvW worlds would have been removed with the Megaserver tech years ago and when WvW gets its big revamp, probably next year, all existing worlds will be removed. If you do want to do WvW together in the meantime, though, then yes, you would need to be on the same one.

    Agro in GW2 is arcane but probably the main thing that affects it is your Toughness stat. How much damage you do is a lot less relevant and there is no taunt mechanic. The game has a bit more of a “soft trinity” these days but in 99% of content you will never need to think about it. Raids would be the exception but there, I believe, you will have to have specific builds and classes anyway (I don’t raid so I only know from hearsay) and you’d be told pretty quickly what those were if you tried to join a raiding organization.

    The Mesmer (Mirage Elite version for which you need the Path of Fire expansion) is currently one of – probably the – most overpowered classes in the game. That may have more to do with why it’s reckoned to be the best tank. It’s best at most things, except healing.

    (2nd posting)


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