New World – Open Beta

I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone, but beginning September 8th at 10A EDT you can opt into the Open Beta for New World. That’s 8 hours from the time of publication. It’s another nice chance to take if for a test drive if you haven’t already. I hadn’t yet committed any money to a pre-order, but I’ll probably stick my head back in briefly.

Now that the dust from the “closed” beta has settled, it will be nice to see if those systems still seem interesting. I’m guessing the point of this is much like any other open beta, and a combination of stress test and gauge of interest. It also helps nab some more interest and extra pre-orders right before the launch proper.

It’s obviously not an early start either. At the very least, they’re claiming that progress will be wiped, so you can’t “get ahead” by participating. I suspect that might dampen participation just a bit, but there seems to be enough hype around the product that I’m sure there will still be plenty of people involved.

The official twitter account is also stating that the status of pre-load is currently unknown. It’s entirely possible that some people may not be able to download it in time if it’s brief. I haven’t seen any official comments regarding duration of this test. My personal best guess would be a week or two.

We also don’t have access to the patch notes yet, so we don’t know what will be different or how just yet, though they’re supposed to be available in the next couple of days.

Y’all take care. Beware the hype train. It has no brakes.

One thought on “New World – Open Beta

  1. I’ll skip open beta. I pre-ordered in 2019. I knew after the first alpha, when the game was very different to how it is now, I was going to want to play it. Actually, I liked it better then in some ways but it certainly wouldn’t have been a success if they’d kept to that original vision. It was basically a big chunk of wilderness with nothing happening in it, which I found quite absorbing but most people probably wouldn’t have.

    The ironic thing is, after all this time I’m not all that sure how much I’ll play when it does launch. I’m somewhat committed to Bless Unleashed for the moment and there’s a lot of stuff I want to do in a few other mmorpgs this autumn and then there are expansions for EQII and GW2 in the winter. If New World had hit it’s early summer launch window it would have suited me a lot better.

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