FFXIV – Warrior of Rust

I did something I’ve done remarkably little of in the last year or so and logged into FFXIV to do more than just step into the FC house to keep it from poofing. I not only did some main story stuff, but surprisingly enjoyed it for a change.

It’s not the first time I’ve done MSQ stuff this year. Merely the first time that I’ve done so and felt interested rather than just going through the motions. I did a little bit a couple of months ago and it was a little… whatever. It probably helps that this last session helped confirm something I’ve suspected since the end of the expansion. I won’t get into much detail here, as it dives quickly into spoiler territory.

I feel like my opinion of the game has drifted quite a bit, though. I no longer have much interest in doing much raiding. At all, really. I’ll do the bare minimum needed to progress through the story, but at the moment that’s all I feel invested in. While it may all come back in time, the idea of working on crafting/gathering stuff or doing relic gear stuff no longer feels interesting.

I’m also not feeling particularly attached to the new jobs coming up. I did the healing thing somewhat ad nauseum for a while. Even sticking with Astro through what was largely considered a bad time. It’s apparently slated to get yet another rework or something, I don’t know. All my information is second or third hand at this point.

I’ve been dreading the point of reaching a mandatory dungeon, which I’ve not done yet. My best geared job is Dark Knight and the idea of tanking anything through the layers of rust is off-putting. I’m still figuring out where all the buttons are and what I should be doing. On the other hand, tank is generally pretty easy. If all else fails, spam enmity generation and use cooldowns on boss mechanics and you’ll at least be functional.

A quick look at the list indicates that I have 25 quests, 3 dungeons, and a trial to do in order to get caught up, and the first dungeon is literally my next quest. Go figure. Guess I should consider checking out a video in the near future so I at least know what’s up.

Last, I’m mildly annoyed that there isn’t really any new Hildebrand stuff. Yeah, it’s a really dumb and absurd series, but I had grown slightly attached to them, if not exactly to the man himself. Perhaps there simply wasn’t time given all the pandemic problems, or maybe it was just too difficult to make it make sense. Not that it ever does, mind. Oh well, at least I needn’t concern myself with any wild gazebos.

Okay, that’s enough rambling about something I probably won’t play for at least another week. Don’t have time for that dungeon business on a work day.

Y’all take care. Don’t need the echo to see where this is going.

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