Kids – Extracurricular Activities

It’s interesting to watch how my children react to each others experiences. There is an absolute abundance of after-school activities these days, and my oldest two each tried one in fifth grade. The oldest did the robotics club and the middle child did chorus. The last one ended up getting cancelled due to covid, though they’re taking it in middle school as well.

The youngest is beginning to feel a bit left out and has been bringing me permission slips for a variety of them. First was one for dance, which hasn’t had tryout yet. Not exactly sure how that will work out, but I’ll at least let them try it. If there’s one thing I understand it’s wanting to try something new, and you can never really tell if you’ll like it till you’ve tried it.

Yesterday there was one for storytelling and a complaint that “I’ve never got to do a club before and everyone else has.” Since there’s always a chance the tryouts for dance won’t work out, I figured why not?

I suppose this is what happens you have a school that brands itself as an “Elementary School of the Arts.” I certainly don’t remember there being all of this before middle school, but I was an outcast and problem child. The last thing that school wanted was for me to be around any more than necessary.

What’s really interesting are the choices that they made on their own. I’m not one to make suggestions or point them in a particular direction. All of these were activities that they were presumably told about at school (or suggested by teachers), brought home, and deliberately asked about. Each one of them has chosen something unique and well-suited to their general demeanor and interests.

I certainly wish there had been a storytelling club around when I was younger. There’s no guarantee it would have been helpful, but I wasn’t much older than they are when I was writing fiction, and I’ve always appreciated a decent story.

Keeping it minimalist today. Y’all take care.

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