Something New – The Outer Worlds


I must admit, I did rather enjoy this title. Gameplay-wise it reminds me of Mass Effect, but with a slightly Firefly feel to it. It starts very early with the heavy-handed “trolley problem” style dilemmas that gave Mass Effect its gravity. The main story and the companion side stories were fairly compelling, though at times they seem slightly cut short.

Still, I’m sitting here writing this after having finished the main story and most of the side content, taking around 34 hours or so to complete. I don’t really intend to talk about the story as much as the setting and my reaction to it.

weak spirits weak body

See, it is by random chance that I’m playing it right now, but it seems eerily relevant to current events. Its strange brand of corporate dystopia is just familiar enough that it seems almost a commentary on events that didn’t occur until after its release. As an exaggerated reflection of current corporate culture, it leaves me both angry and depressed. It loses its value as an escape from current events because it constantly reminds me of them.

leave policy

Fortunately, we do not live in such a society. Not really. I really wish they had fleshed the setting out a bit more. The “current events” and people of the setting seem solid and believable. Even the villain’s motivation is reasonable and relatable.

What I’m talking about are the institutions and places that exist. Why do these specific corporations exist? Who founded them? Who runs them? Why is Vicar Max the only priest we meet in the entire game? There’s supposed to be this large organized religion and the only other evidence of it I saw was a ruined church on another planet. The characters are beautiful and wonderful but exist against a backdrop that seems… incomplete.

Still, I enjoyed a good playthrough, and now it’s time to move on to other things. It was, overall, a compelling story with a satisfying enough ending.

Y’all take care.

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