Pokemon – Home, Masters, Sleep, and Floss

No, Floss isn’t really a thing, I just thought it was funny.

Sleep is what I must have been doing yesterday because I completely missed this announcement. It’s also a “game.” It doesn’t really sound like a game to me, but that’s because the details are a bit sparing within the material I’m drawing from. It will use the specifically designed “Pokemon Go Plus +,” so I would assume it has some manner of tie-in there.

My best source of information on this announcement is, begrudgingly, Kotaku, who seems to be making a concerted effort to shed their reputation as the buzzfeed of gaming. Here’s a link to the article I’m drawing information from. Unfortunately, they don’t actually provide much in the way of links and sources for their own article.

Honestly, the single announcement I like the most is Pokemon Home. I was an avid user of the Pokemon Bank software for 3DS, and it’s nice to see them stepping the game up and trying to tie the entire franchise together in the same way. It’s certainly possible that Sleep will connect directly to Home and do whatever it does from there, but that’s just a guess.

I’m somewhat uncertain of what exactly they’re trying to imply with the statement “Trainers will be able to wake up with Pokémon every morning with Pokémon Sleep,” but I find it a little bit on the creepy side, personally. My sleeping habits are pretty close to sacred. Besides, my wife gave me her old fitbit thing a while back and it literally already does that. Probably better than this device does. Still, have to sleep, I guess, so if you can get something of value above and beyond the sleep itself then you may as well.

They also mentioned Pokemon Masters, some manner of mobile game where you battle with and against iconic trainers from the entire series in what looks like 3v3 battles. I’m sure I’ll try it, but battling, without the underpinnings of the main serious, doesn’t interest me much.

I did get a good laugh in reading some of the twitter comments though. I can certainly relate to the appeal of Let’s Go Home and Let’s Go Sleep, though I tend to prefer the former of the latter.

Ultimately, though, I think it’s all a move in the right direction. As a gamer, I lead a fairly sedentary sort of lifestyle. If these sorts of things help get our butt out of a chair and moving around, then I’d say that’s a net gain for society as a whole. Ten points if they actually manage to make us have fun doing it. Of course, maybe I’m just getting old, so things that seemed like they were trying too hard to make health “cool” are more attractive than they used to be. I mean, if they wanna give me pokeballs for brushing my teeth, I’m not going to argue with them. It’s free stuff, and maybe somebody somewhere gets good habit(s) out of the deal.

Y’all take care, make sure you get a reasonable amount of sleep or something. I mean, it’s your life I guess, don’t let me tell you how to live it.

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