Meta – Time and Availability

I finally became aware, last night, well after I had laid down to go to bed, that I had not actually got around to writing a post. While I would normally get up and at least write a paragraph or two, on this occasion I chose not to.

Right now, actually, I’m writing this in order to take a break from the very thing occupying most of my time, which is the two measly classes I’m taking at the moment.

I’m very quickly having to investigate and decide if I have in fact overextended my resources and if so, what to do about it. I realize it’s not just any one aspect of what’s going on, but many. I’ll go through them here if you should find this sort of thing interesting.

So, Monday, as a federal holiday, meant that my classes started on Tuesday instead, which theoretically cost me an entire day of class time. I don’t know if the class schedule was adjusted accordingly. This meant that I spent the majority of Tuesday doing the required attendance verification work, including syllabus reading, discussion posts, and the like. This work would bleed over into Wednesday.

At the same time, I had a doctor’s appointment Wed afternoon to check out some cold spots, shoulder pain, and a numb and tingly thumb, not generally a great sign for someone who spends as much time as I do, and will continue doing, on the computer. Fortunately, I had spent the earlier part of the day reading most of the first lesson in Eng & Comp 2, and I guess, fortunately, the doctor feels that my problem is pinched nerve related. There isn’t sufficient evidence, yet, to suspect something like Carpal Tunnel. After that, I did the exact opposite of what I should do with any manner of nerve problem and vibrated the heck out of my arm(s) mowing the yard.

Mid-afternoon is such a horrible time to do it, but it needed doing. I mowed till I was dizzy and nauseous, drank some water, relaxed, cooled off, mowed till I was dizzy and nauseous again, and still was not done yet. I was done for the day, though, and made dinner and spent the remainder of the day catching up on FFXIV news and helping some newer members of our Free Company.

Yesterday, I finished the reading for E&C2 and wrote the required discussion, thinking I would have until the following Friday to do the next unit. Nope, due next Wed. Good thing I double checked it. Then started reading through and taking notes on the first two chapters in US Government, which is what I’m still doing now. Never has 25 pages seemed like such a large volume of material, but I’m also prioritizing retention over speed. I’ve been through 15 of those pages and have half as many pages of notes from them. When I got home from work (3/25 pages) I finished mowing the yard. Had to get done before it rained again, and it’s thinking about it. Made everyone a very hasty dinner, and finished the first chapter of US Gov. (10/25) pages.

At that point, I checked on the Free Company, and one of our members was ready to do the level 50 story raids. The long ones with mandatory unskippable cutscenes. The bright side is that they didn’t take nearly as long as I remember, right around two hours combined. About 45 min for the first and an hour fifteen for the other.

The classwork is obviously aggravated by the condensed summer schedule as well. At the time of writing, I’m sitting right around 17/25 page-wise. Followed by two videos, a discussion assignment, and a quiz. Due by tomorrow. In fact, once I’m done here, I’m going to make a round to check on everything and get right back to it.

In the meantime, though, I’ve begun to seriously question my judgment on this matter. I cannot tell how much schedule strain is circumstantial and how much of it is persistent. Among those conclusions, though, is that ultimately something may need to give, and what should that something be. It obviously isn’t the classwork, which sits just family in importance. General maintenance can give a little, but not much. This leaves primarily FFXIV and this blog as being the primary sources of time to draw from as needed.

Obviously, I do not intend to stop either. It bothers me enough that I skipped yesterday, even if it was a strategic decision. Sleep is one of the things I cannot compromise on. My current conclusion, though, is that I may have to scale back my posting schedule. I also may have to forego my Something New posts. If I don’t have the time to play something new then I can’t very well write about it. I guess we’ll see over the next couple of weeks.

Y’all take care, and thanks for reading. With any luck, I’ll be back tomorrow.

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