Borderlands – Upcoming Announcement and Concerns

It’s strange really, to be looking at an announcement, looking forward to it even, and realizing that I don’t really care all that much. In this particular case, I’m referring to the much anticipated “Borderlands 3” reveal this afternoon.

Of course, we don’t know exactly what is being revealed, but it all feels wrong. I watched the teaser trailer and have this little nagging feeling that it’s most likely a Battle Royale or at best a Borderlands themed Overwatch. As beloved as the franchise is, Gearbox does not have a particularly good reputation.

I’m also keenly aware that I have nobody to play it with, would be almost universally unwilling to pay full price for it, and I’m just not the same person that enjoyed previous entries in the series. I still like them, all of them, even the Pre-Sequel, though for different reasons. The first was just a weird wacky adventure. The second took that and refined it and gave it something resembling a coherent narrative. Pre-sequel was basically just the same thing but on the moon. It stood out because it took the super villainous Jack and managed to make him human enough to evoke sympathy. Of course, Pre-sequel wasn’t technically made by Gearbox.

I’ve also played and quite enjoyed Tales from the Borderlands as well, which isn’t even necessarily canon.

Still, there’s a place for it, I think, market-wise. Depends on what exactly it is, I think. If it sticks to the more traditional formula, then it’s basically a really wacky version of the Division. A franchise that has had two iterations developed and released since the last installment of Borderlands. If it tries to become something more… online… then it’ll be, I dunno, Destiny but goofier? I might could actually convince some of my friend to play that, at least. I think that’s the single best possible outcome, followed by sticking to the standard formula.

God help us all if it turns out to be a battle royale game. They could possibly pull off a Borderlands IP version of Battleborn, but I don’t think it would fare well either.

Honestly the battle royale things scares me. Everything is currently aligned to make that sound like a good idea at the business level, and I could interpret the teaser trailer that way if I wanted to. I’m just not sure, with everyone so wound up for “Borderlands 3” that it would go very well. Diablo Immortal comes to mind. Oh hell, I hadn’t even considered mobile gaming.

Hopefully all my concerns are misplaced and they’ll do exactly what everyone expects them to do. The fact remains that I’m interested, but have no intention of buying it, and nobody to play it with. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll be on sale enough post-Shadowbringers that I would be willing to check it out.

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