Small Updates and Annoying Low Sec Gankers in EVE

Little lost and aimless today. I have expended most of the interesting things I can say about FFXIV at the moment, and quite honestly I’ve spent more time talking about it than I’m comfortable with anyway. I originally had a notification that a Gamestop earnings report was expected today, but I found a conflicting article and a line in an official news post as well, so that’s not even going to be a thing this week.

“Company to Report Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Fiscal 2018 Results on Tuesday, April 2, 2019”

My college application is stuck in a holding pattern until my immunization record is sorted, which should be next Monday as well. This leaves me with EVE, and honestly I’m not doing a whole lot of interest there either. I… mine things.

I’ve been waiting out the same skill which feels like it’s been training forever at this point, Mining Barge 5. I’m in the last third of it now, so at the very least it feels like it’s ending soon. Four days and ten hours, at time of writing, so Sunday evening. Once that’s done I can train the Exhumers skill, already purchased, injected, and lined up behind it. Not that I can afford the absurdly expensive ship(s), or their insurance, but I’m getting there.

That single skill is essentially what drove me to quit last time. The idea of locking my skill queue down for three weeks, while I just inefficiently mine rocks slowly working in several ways towards a ship I couldn’t even afford to buy was more than I could bear. I think once I’m past the initial wave I need to find a way to slide some different activities in there so I can occasionally do something different. Either that or double down on the “EVE thing” and pay a second sub for a second account, the other part of why I quit last time. There was an active war declaration against the Uni that made it significantly more dangerous to mine. This meant I had to spend most of my time docked on top of a super long training queue. I had nothing to do and no reason to log on.

I did go out of my way to purchase the most tanky mining barge and put an okay tank fit on it. It’s specific purpose was low sec mining, so it’s slow, but hard to lock down and kill. I get an immense amount of pleasure watching the would-be bandits use a warp disruptor then warping away anyway. I just have to be careful how often I do it. They’ll  start bringing better disruptors once they catch on. It’s in no way profitable, just amusing. Probably not making many friends that way though.

With any luck I’ll find something else to talk about tomorrow. We’re ramping up in XIV though, including starting up guild recruitment. Much like WoW was the big topic for everyone last August, so will FF be this spring/summer, at least for me. Peace.

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