FFXIV – Inventory Woes

My name is Steve, and I am an MMO hoarder.

Seriously though, I totally am. When I resubbed to XIV, I knew I needed to go ahead and pay for the two additional retainers that I had when I quit. I’ve been tolerating it so far but I’ve got to try and clean house this weekend.

Okay, my “original” retainer, so to speak, is currently at 162/175. Looks like 64 pieces of that are either crafting gear, retained for leveling crafting classes in the future. 16 fish, 36 fairly random crafting components, 14 raid tokens, 7 unopened equipment coffers, 6 leftover event items and a few each of materia, house decorations, and some music scrolls, give or take.

My second “free” retainer is at 164/175. 29 pieces of irreplaceable class gear, 4 consumables, 1 fish, 6 crafting components, 21 dyes, 70 pieces of mostly combat materia mixed with some obsolete elemental ones, an armor coffer, 7 beast tribe items, and around 18 random consumables and exchange items.

My first paid retainer was specifically for crafting components and is currently 174/175. Looks like 1 consumable, 15 gathering and crafting materia, and the entire remainer is a variety of ores, woods, leathers, subcomponents, etc.

My second paid retainer is at 93/175 and that’s mostly Culinarian components. There’s a random pair of boots about about 6 different types of wood, everything else is components for food.


On top of all that, my personal inventory is 125/140 as well. I’ve got about another 90 crafting components in my personal inventory, many of which don’t have a corresponding location on my retainers.

What I’m thinking about doing for this is to get my list of unspoiled node materials, the ones that are more difficult and time consuming to obtain, setting those to the side, maybe, then dumping everything else. My gatherers are max level. If I honestly need something I can, in most cases, just go get some of it. I don’t need most of these ingots and nuggets. I’ve got eight different types of water. Some of them are level 20-40 materials that I can just replace by whacking a node for 5-10 minutes. All that materia? I can either go turn it in to get some higher grade stuff, dump it on the market, something. I am never, never, going to need those low level combat materia. I change gear so quickly below 70 that it’s just not worth the effort. I may even be able to clean up the cooking ingredients a little.

That’s one of my main goals for this weekend anyway. I gotta do something, I’m drowning in everything except gil. One can only hope that maybe, just maybe Shadowbringer will give us something that’s not another 6-10 new varieties of junk to add to and/or replace the previous junk. Seriously, how many types of ore do we need?! I’m counting about 35, not including gemstones, misc rocks, and  around 15 ore sands. When you consider that each one has a normal version and a HQ version that’s 70 items, just regular ore alone!

Okay, I need to go chill out or something. I’m getting a little… heated. Y’all take care, try not to fill up your inventory with all the things.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV – Inventory Woes

  1. Please excuse the moderately loud laugh (you couldn’t see).
    Just when I thought I had a little grasp of what’s going on (got my first Job (Archer) to 50 this week (don’t have any expansions yet), and am now dabbling a little with Marauder and Conjurer and now I read this and it’s more (subtle) questions than I can count 😛

    But yeah, I haven’t started crafting yet, haven’t gathered anything, got my second retainer yesterday but apart from that first venture I haven’t used them at all. My inventory is just now starting to be full so I’m thinking about putting stuff there (that much I know). Maybe I should read up for an hour and then just have a look at crafting.

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    1. Heh, feel free to ask. I certainly don’t know everything but answering questions is not a problem. I’ve played every role up to and at 70, just not every job.

      On the random chance that you’re on the Lamia server or the primal data center let me know. We’re always up for helping people run dungeons and trials.

      Gathering is less intense than crafting, and honestly, if you want to do crafting go ahead and level the gathering first. It makes it so much easier. Their crafting system is somewhat intimidating. Being effective at high levels requires cross-class crafting skills and often sub-components made by other jobs. It’s solid though, certainly not the typical “gather this stuff, press the button, and it happens”


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