Pokemon Sword and Shield

pokemon SnS

In case you’ve been living under a golem, there was a Nintendo Direct yesterday where they announced the new PokeMon game for the Switch. It’s already creating quite a bit of buzz and a fair amount of memery as well. You can see the YouTube video here.

galar region.png

Naturally it comes with a new region, as the first main game of any generation typically does. I personally think this map looks a bit small, but it’s also an art piece not exactly a detailed map of the region.

They also revealed the initial form of the new starters. Overall the reaction to the starters seems mixed, with a lot of comparisons to various critters of the past and the very-present concern over the fact that Scorbunny looks like it would end up being another bipedal Fire/Fighting type. Of course, they said the same thing about Litten before Sun and Moon came out too, which proved to be only half true. It ended up being a leonid wrester that was Fire/Dark instead.

While the game does look really nice in their polished little trailer, I find my own reaction fairly reserved. The same concerns and issues I held after the last generation are still fairly present.

First, how do I know they aren’t going to put out an Ultra Sword and Ultra Shield a year later? That’s exactly what they did last time. At least the generations before that were technically a different game, a remake typically, on the off year. Ultra Sun/Moon was announced shortly after I bought copies of normal Sun/Moon and this has left me reluctant to buy any of their products without waiting to see what their off-year product is going to be.

My second major problem is that, well, it seems to be the same old formula. I realize that the series has always been super formulaic. It’s admittedly a formula that works, and admittedly one that I seem to like. I feel like it’s experiencing at least a little franchise fatigue at this point, at least for me personally.

Let’s face it though, this thing is probably going to sell like crazy. It generally does, and as long as that’s the case why would they dare change it up? On the one hand, the whole industry seems to be underperforming, but on the other, Nintendo is, well, Nintendo. They have very solid franchises that perform very consistently and there’s no immediate reason to assume this one will be any different. At least not yet.

My third comment is somewhat more neutral. These are the first games in the series that are named after weapons. Does it mean anything? I don’t know, they’ve been tinkering with their naming conventions for a while now. X/Y and Sun/Moon broke from the more traditional color/gemstone naming that the series used for so many years. It seems like a strange move for what’s generally been regarded as a franchise for children of all ages. That said, as symbols go, swords and shields aren’t typically though of as serious instruments of bloodshed I don’t think. Instead they bring a general medieval fantasy vibe. Again, though, that’s going to be due to the things I typically read and play.

I’ll go be a negative nancy somewhere else though. I’ve just been turning these ideas over in my head as I form an initial opinion of what we’ve seen. Y’all stay safe.

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