Random Activities in FFXIV

Derp, I almost forgot to write something in all the chaos. I spent most of the afternoon playing FFXIV with my brother. We’ve been leveling Bard/Machinist by doing roulette and then just spamming dungeons in between. Since we’re running two DPS classes it takes a decent 15-20min to queue into a dungeon.

We’re not doing that bad though, we’re 56/58 at the moment, which is a gain of about four levels today alone. Not all that bad considering we’ve been doing class quests and other random gathering and crafting abilities between dungeons.

We also spend time leveling blue mage sometimes as well, since that can be done fairly quickly in open world content. It’s the cheesiest, goofiest class I’ve played for quite some time, which is part of the fun. Working out how to use the abilities we have to do dungeons has been especially interesting.

So far this results in sleeping the enemies with Acorn Bomb, using Sticky Tongue to pull them to me, then using 1000 needles, which usually kills it. Sticky tongue works because it doesn’t actually do damage, so it’s still asleep for the extraordinarily long cast time of 1000 needles. With two of us we can pull one to each of us and make quick work of the individual mobs. This doesn’t really work with the bosses though, as they tend to be immune to all the various status effects.

We haven’t done much in the way of progression since we came back, and to be honest, I think we’re planning to do it with the DPS classes once we get them to max and geared up. Probably be take most of a week, I think.

Either way, it’s late and I was on my way to bed. Y’all take care.

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