Warframe – Melee Update

What, Warframe?! It’s not Wednesday yet!

We finally got some details on what to expect from the new melee system. It sounds like a pretty good start, overall.

For a start, it’s going to remove the barrier between melee and ranged combat. You will be able to switch back and forth with no delay and add a delay for combo loss on gunplay and certain movements. The hope is to create a fluid system that blends melee into gunplay instead of having them be two essentially separate modes.

Also on the table is allowing us to aim the melee ground slam to some degree. Currently it just drops you wherever you’re located, straight down. I’m not sure how practical this will end up being, though. It’ll certainly be disruptive to people like me that have grown accustomed to the straight down version.

They’re also updating some of the visual effects for melee. Whatever, I guess. I didn’t realize there was anything particularly wrong with the previous ones.

There’s a few other changes as well. Blocking will be automatic in melee mode instead of a key that has to be held. They’re also changing the channeling key, which I never really used anyway. Both of these are so the left and right mouse buttons can control the gun regardless of which mode you happen to be in.

We’ll see how it does, I guess. It’s an interesting start, to be sure.

baby fuzzy

Here, have a baby fuzzball. They really don’t like the flash on my phone.


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