Nice Title, Citizen

So I’ve got this odd sort of theme going on lately. In my odd attempt to sort out all this business with the Ayn Rand, I dunno, fan, follower, whatever he is, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to actually read some of the stuff she wrote. I need some basis to work with in that sort of discussion.

Logically, I started with the first fiction book, We the Living. I’m not that far into it, really, but it seems to be generally about the conditions present in Russia around the time of Lenin’s death. Give or take.

It paints a pretty bleak picture, to be honest. A very familiar sort of struggle, but taken to an extreme that I’ll probably never experience personally. To be honest, I’m not that familiar with the details of Russia’s history, but I’m mildly curious. Really wasn’t the purpose of reading the book, but a rabbit hole is a rabbit hole.

Rather conveniently there’s been a new video on the Oversimplified YouTube channel. They do animated summaries of various events/people in history. The recent one is a two-part series about the Cold War, something that had largely passed by the time I was old enough to understand. I remember learning about the fall of the Berlin wall when it happened, but did not understand it’s significance at the time.

Thanks to that video though, I’m aware that it’s setting, the city of Petrograd, now St. Petersburg, was rather critical in the early stages of Russian communism. It’s all so conveniently timed.

Unfortunately it’ll be a while before I can really piece any of it together in a significant way. For one, I’d like to at least finish the book before I try to expand it all that much. A problem I have quite frequently. So many cool things out there to read and learn about and only one of me and the same amount of time in any day.

Still, some of it seems super relevant to the events of today. Like some sort of strange twisted origin story for today’s news. Either way, I’m out for today. Y’all take care, try not to start any unnecessary proxy wars.

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