Dauntless – Also Moving to Epic Games Store

Y’know, this Epic Games stuff is morbidly fascinating. Every day or two it seems they’ve managed to secure some new title for their platform. The ongoing shenanigans with Metro: Exodus is interesting and they’ve just announced today that Dauntless will be moving to EG as well.

The thing with Metro is, the immediate backlash of the announcement is that the other Metro games on Steam are allegedly getting review bombed. I’m not really in a position to check on it at the time of writing. The point though, is that just reinforces how ineffective some of Steam’s systems are. Leaving a negative review on one or more games that aren’t the offending one seems a little disingenuous. Maybe Valve should add the ability to write reviews on developers/publishers, because that’s really what this practice is.

Meanwhile people are also getting spun up regarding Dauntless, which up until now has been independent. It’s worth pointing out that Dauntless is built on EG’s Unreal Engine, so it’s a move that makes quite a lot of sense. I imagine some money probably changed hands as well. Overall it’s probably a good move for Dauntless, it’s a good game and deserves some visibility. I spent a fair amount of time playing it a month or so before Monster Hunter World came out on PC.

It’s weird, in a way, I always figured somebody would eventually show up and find a way to truly compete with Steam. I just didn’t think it would happen this fast. This thing was only announced on Dec. 4th. In just under two months they’ve gone from “hey we’re gonna do a thing” to pulling titles out from under Steam a week before launch. Man, money sure does a good job at lubricating the machine.

They’re making enemies as fast as friends though. Some of the gaming YouTubers I follow have already started walking back their slightly optimistic opinions and sentiment on reddit seems…. mixed. Such is the way of business though. They don’t tend to succeed by being nice and playing “fair.” Epic certainly isn’t doing either of those.

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