Random News – Atlas, Repopulation, Box Critters, and Positive Energy Drinks

So many weird little things going on in the background. Well, I guess some are more background than others, really. I just keep seeing headlines related to Atlas and none of them are particularly good. It’s a shame really, it looks like it has a fair amount of potential, but lives under the shadow of it’s various problems.

Front and center at the moment is that some players have managed to find exploits that gave them admin-level control of a server. Twice. Allegedly spawning all sorts of whales, dragons, tanks, and planes, spamming server-wide messages, just general chaos causing. They have allegedly fixed this issue, but it’s very off-putting to the new player. Near as I can tell, it’s limited primarily to the North American PvP server. I’ve seen several people say that there are some private servers that are actually quite good. I don’t intend to find out myself, at this time.

The Repopulation also put out their January update as well. Looks pretty good all around, reworking the terrain for the starter island and working on the inventory system. I figure we’ll probably see the starter island around mid-year and possible inventory changes fourth quarter. It almost feels pessimistic to say that, but that’s what seems realistic at the moment. They have to build new terrain templates before work on the island gets fully underway, and the inventory system has been, or will soon be, handed to the programmers to hammer out. The UI/UX/data cleanup is more of an ongoing effort, I think. Still, progress is happening. A new roadmap is supposed to be available by the end of February, so possibly in their next update.

RocketSnail has started the strangest project called Box Critters said to be inspired by Club Penguin and Runescape. Not really much to see yet though. I don’t even know how this ended up on my radar at this point. I’m sure my kids would love it though.

positive energy drink

Speaking of kids, my birthday is coming up soon. I’m constantly reminded because they frequently ask me which birthday is next, and for this brief window of a few weeks the answer is mine. My coworker gave me something today. I think he’s trying to tell me something.

Since it’s MLK Jr. Day in my neck of the woods, I’ll leave y’all with a quote today.

In addition to the absence of coordination and sufficiency, the programs of the past all have another common failing — they are indirect. Each seeks to solve poverty by first solving something else.

I am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective — the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.

Earlier in this century this proposal would have been greeted with ridicule and denunciation as destructive of initiative and responsibility. At that time economic status was considered the measure of the individual’s abilities and talents. In the simplistic thinking of that day the absence of worldly goods indicated a want of industrious habits and moral fiber.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1967)












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