Something New – Grenado Espada


This title initially got my attention because it has the rather unique feature of controlling a team of three character instead of just one. I mean, on the one hand, it seems vaguely solo friendly, but how does that even work?


A keybind nightmare, that’s how it works. I found this keymap accidentally trying to take screenshots. Among the game’s many odd quirks is that it doesn’t pass my input through to my screen capture software. Trying to manage it’s insane network of hotkeys to do anything was not very friendly. Especially to the new user.


After an initial solo instance and a bunch of running around collecting quests, I eventually made my way into a field area with some actual killable things in it. Fortunately by the time I got there I had discovered the “attack everything near me” commands, because trying to manage combat any other way is pretty difficult. It requires you to click directly on the enemy model and once it’s dead everyone just stands there. The assault mode (ctrl+lmb or spacebar) will attack anything in the area of the click or where you’re standing. In theory you could afk grind, I think, by setting assault mode in a high-spawn area.

I eventually found my way back into town, somehow after doing some quests, which were more time consuming than difficult. One of my next quests wanted me to do some manner of instanced scenario, but didn’t provide any direction on how to actually launch it.


Which doesn’t surprise me, really, as the translation can get a bit spotty sometimes. Most of the dialogue is like the one pictured, which is readable and just a little odd. Some of it is confusing to the point that it’s unclear or useless. So that may be a contributing factor.

I also didn’t see a many other players. I’m not sure if they’re allowed in the field areas or not, because I only saw them in the city. Even then it was only a half dozen at most, and never more than two others at any given moment.

Can’t say that’s abnormal though. I certainly don’t intend to devote any more time to it myself. It’s a nice concept and not exactly a bad game itself, but it would be a lot of effort to really play and I have other things I would rather be doing than this. Cute experiment, but whatever.

3 thoughts on “Something New – Grenado Espada

  1. Yet another decade-old MMORPG! In fact, it launched in 2006. I played it a few times long, long ago but like you I found it too fiddly to get along with. I didn’t realise at the time that it was a Korean-made game. I think I thought it was Brazillian for some reason, possibly the setting.

    I just checked and the EU version looks quite active – there are seven posts from 2019 on the official website already and we’re only halfway throgh January!

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    1. Yeah, the NA server was a bit empty. Looks they have an update in the works that removes Windows XP/Vista support, so it’s still getting some manner of attention.

      I didn’t realize it was that old though. To be honest I hadn’t looked that closely. I just figured why not hop in and poke around a bit. Not that bad actually, for it’s age.


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