I’ll Post Something Eventually

Well, bother. I’m only… sixish hours “late.” That’s what I get for being busy I guess. I actually only have about 20 minutes before I gotta go home and get started on dinner, which I believe will be burritos.

It’s funny, I got an email notification the other day about a blog I didn’t remember I had created. It had a massive one post. Don’t look for it, I deleted it, I think. It’s original purpose was to discuss my well intended but misguided attempt to alter my lunch meals. I think that lasted only a little longer than the blog itself did. How I could have gone through the effort and completely forgotten the thing even existed is beyond me. I actually assumed the email was some sort of weird phishing attempt at first.

Of course, google is weird like that. Targeted ads can get quite odd and my google news feed deciding what I should and should not be interested in based on browsing habits isn’t much better. Though for the time being it’s not doing a particularly good job. I told it to quit showing me things from Reddit because it’s a news feed not a social media activity report. Or, y’know, maybe it is, maybe it’s both, hard to say these days.

Either way, I’m going to toddle off now and try to accumulate enough stuff to get back on track in the morning.

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