It Was Only Supposed to Take 20 Minutes

You ever have one of those queues where you’re just gonna do this last quick run before you call it for the night and it proceeds to take an hour and a half? It’s usually a comically absurd number of failures at that point, though it’s rarely comical at the time.

Of course you have, pretty sure every MMO player has done this at least once, especially when you’re pugging away at it. While my latest one isn’t from an MMO, I know I’ve done this on several occasions in FFXIV, including being the party responsible a couple of times.

Aurum Vale is always a good go-to here because it’s so easy to misstep in that dungeon. The level sync strips you of most of your end-game tool-set and a fair number of the rooms have massive numbers of critters. I’ve seen multiple wipes just in the first room due to poor add management or just poor pathing choices.

I’m thinking about it because my brother and I were playing some Payday 2 for video capture and we had some new-to-us heists that were just one to two hour brutal learning slogs. These were both stealth-only missions which are brutally unforgiving. Honestly we’re only doing them to clear the “story line” section and get back into the feel of the game.

I was surprised when going through some of our Secrets of Grindea footage that we didn’t record the run where we died repeatedly to the big slime boss near the beginning. It’s comically absurd considering we’ve powered straight through it on other runs with no incident. Makes me wonder what kind of hijinks we’ll encounter before we’re done. In fact, we probably need to make an effort to record more of this before I get that second episode uploaded.

In fact, I wish these sort of obnoxious failures were easy to include, but they bloat run times horribly. I’ve even tried to speed stuff like this up in the past and throw some Benny Hill on it for good measure, but at that point it alters the tone of the video enough that it should probably be edited out and posted on it’s own. I need to give some more thought to this, I think.

I’m gonna go contemplate which random things I want to get done this week, y’all stay safe and watch out for the Mondays.

4 thoughts on “It Was Only Supposed to Take 20 Minutes

  1. Im banging my head on the desk in WoW trying to get the Uuna pet. I jumped through all the hoops to get to where I can summon the creature once a day for a chance at the drop. No luck after 4 kills. I see from WoWhead data it’s about a 25% chance. I’m willing to give it 4 more chances, then moving on. It takes me a few minutes to get there, first going to New Dalaran, porting to Argus, porting to the Wastes, and then riding around avoiding mobs to get to where I need to be. Then it’s 20 seconds of work to finish off the creature and loot it. Not a great deal of time, and I’m only doing it because I have nothing else I feel like doing. But I’m reaching a point where not even logging in feels more rewarding.

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    1. Yeah, that’s the issue I ran into with XIV. There were plenty of things I could be doing, but I didn’t want to do them anymore. It was just the same ol boring stuff I did yesterday and would be doing tomorrow.

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  2. On the flip side, there are the positive “where did the time go” moments too.

    I popped into Ceres, Gabii survival solo on Warframe to just cash out the double credits on first mission for the day bonus, and took Saryn which I’d just kitted out with Regenerative Molt the other day. 5 mins in, it felt too short to exit, so I went, ah, let’s stay for the whole 20 min run.

    20 mins later, and things are still dying, where once I’d have been struggling. Oh, maybe 5 more min, just to see what the next rotation A is…

    … I end up exiting at 40min, finally chased out by level 62 mobs with multiple Ancient Healers and Disruptors stacked and my energy drained to nothingness by some Parasitic Eximus hiding behind them. Probably could have gone further if not for that energy drain.

    Looking forward to the point of even more and better mods and builds that the above would be merely a roadbump.

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    1. Yeah that energy drain is rough, especially if you’ve got nullifiers running around too.

      I don’t mean to imply that it’s exactly negative either. Even the worst of times pick up a humorous fondness after a while.


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