Something New – Torchlight


I’ve been wanting to try Torchlight for quite some time. I found it on sale on GoG recently and with all the ongoing excitement regarding Torchlight Frontiers I figured it was time to sit down and try it.

Now, I knew it was a Diablo-like Action RPG with a pet, but that was about the limit of what I knew. In play it reminds me a lot of the original Diablo instead of Diablo 2, which game out nine years before Torchlight.

equipment inventory.png

At first glance the equipment/inventory is very similar. I eventually realized that unlike the Diablo inventory, each slot holds one item, instead of the varying size and shape multi-block system used for Diablo. A nice change, to be sure. It features the same sort of socket and gem system that Diablo 2 had, with each gem imparting a bonus that varied according to what type of equipment it was placed in.

item requirements

Something else I haven’t seen in a long time is stat requirements that control what you can and cannot wield. It was a thing we had back in the original Diablo that I had all but forgotten about. I was playing as a “Destroyer” primarily build as a high strength, high defense, dual wielding maniac. This wasn’t much of an issue, except I kept getting armor pieces I couldn’t use. Lucky me.

spell tab

Something I think I like was the limited spell slots. I kinda liked having to limit what I had available, not that I was using them much to begin with. This guy couldn’t cast his way out of a wet paper bag.

pet window

I rather accidentally discovered my pet can cast spells too. I tried to transfer some from my inventory to the pet with a shift-click and it equipped them instead. It would also appear that the pet has accessory slots as well, though I never tried to do anything with them. Among the most useful things I found was the ability to throw a bunch of items in it’s inventory and send it to sell them for me. This was really handy because items drop left and right.

It also seems to share the somewhat permanent town/dungeon setup that the original Diablo had, but with a more user friendly waypoint system instead of the various shortcuts you unlocked around town in Diablo. It seems to draw a lot of inspiration from that game specifically and an odd assortment of other things. Obviously not the aesthetic, as much, but the music is very similar.


Some things never change. I don’t know what it is about blue glowing ovals that screams town portal.

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