Behind Schedule

All this craziness the last week has me posting behind schedule and it’s driving me crazy.

I have been managing to get a few things done, just not when I wanted to. At the moment I’m having to monitor my youngest, who got into the fridge this morning and ate the remainder of my wife’s birthday cake. What he didn’t eat was rendered inedible.

In the meantime I’ve been poking around doing random things wherever. I’m waiting for an update to drop for a small indie game so I can get a few things designed and built, I managed to push GW2 leatherworker above 400, did a little bit of random gathering, and pushing some stuff on the auction house in hopes of making some of the gold back. I’m currently doing nothing in particular. I should probably be putting screenshots together for tomorrow’s post if I’m going to try and get caught up.

Guess I’ll go do that.

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