I’m talking about Pokemon, apparently.

I’m in such a weird mood today. Everything about today feels like a Friday, except the part where I didn’t get paid. Most of what I need to get done is already done and what’s left will only take  30-45 minutes once I receive the requisite information.

This leaves me sitting here in a weird neutral state with nothing really on my mind. There’s a few things floating around, but one of them is the early stages of tomorrow’s post and a couple of others are the “something new” posts I do on Sunday.

I adamantly refuse to allow myself to miss a day, however, so here I am.

I’ve been considering playing some Pokemon Moon lately. I finished the main story already, but my oldest has been playing his copy of Sun and I’m feeling the light tug of it calling me. I’m pretty sure I was trying to fill out the pokedex and/or catch some shinies. I mean, I had a Smeargle in the first slot of my party with False Swipe and named Chainmate. I can follow the logic fairly well. Alternatively I may have been trying to teach it a specific move, I’m not sure. I haven’t touched in close to a year.

I’ve considered buying Ultra Sun/Moon but I really can’t be bothered. I think everyone in the house would enjoy the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee games and they’re not that far off.

Unfortunately my Switch is currently incapacitated. Somehow the USB C connector on the dock has been pushed down inside it and I haven’t tried to fix it yet. Additionally one of my Joycons hasn’t worked for some time. I don’t know why, but I suspect one of the children dropped the console while it was attached.

On top of that, I’m probably not going to buy the first release in Gen 8. After how they did Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon I’ll just wait an extra year to see what else is being released in Gen 8. I’m rather sick of this habit they have developed for releasing a game then a year later releasing another one, but with everything in it. At least most of the other releases had a different game as their second release, even if many of them were remakes of older titles.

Sorry Gamefreak, I’m not a competitive player, I’ll wait the extra year to get “the full product.”

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