Random Musing with Rabbits

There was a plan for today, but I don’t feel like writing it, so I’m not. I actually have a few of those. Some haven’t been started, some are sitting around somewhere between started and done because I didn’t like they way they were going.

Honestly I had really hoped to sit down and work on the actual blog theme/layout a little bit. I didn’t like it, but it’s functional. When I created the blog I just grabbed the first thing that I found vaguely acceptable and ran with it.

These guys were totally not cooperating.

I suspect, though, that in order to actually make it look halfway unique I’ll have to spend a certain amount of money, which I’m not exactly ready to do. I mean, I want to improve it, but this is by no means a money making opportunity. I’m doing it because I’m enjoying it and for some reason other people seem to enjoy it too.

I’ve especially been enjoying the Something New series. I set out a couple of years ago to try and reach 100% played Steam. I learned that I could log in over at steamdb.info and see how many of your games you’ve played. I decided that my 40-something percent, at the time, was unacceptable. I had this entire library of games and had never even played half of them? I was horrified.

I did just go and check and I’m sitting around 66% at the moment, which is better. I’ve exhausted the easy list of Something New posts though, and I’ve started working my way through my library, starting from the top. By no means am I playing everything in alphabetical order, I’m just going down the list, looking at what’s unplayed and picking things that I feel like trying in the near future.

I typically only get an hour or so with each one, usually on Saturday morning when it’s reasonably quiet. It’s getting done though, and I’ve been enjoying it. I’m actually looking forward to getting more time with this Sunday’s subject after trying it for 15 minutes yesterday.


On the bright side, it’s nice to have some time to actually put a post together instead of having to hammer it out in the open spaces. Even managed to get some more rabbit pictures for a change. There’s actually a steady supply of these, I’m just usually not in a position to add them to a post.

Welp, I just lost my shoulder kitten, so it’s time to move on and get some stuff done. Y’all stay safe.

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