Final Fantasy XV – Second Impression

So funny story. I was really looking forward to FF15, but kept having issue with crashing mid-cutscene when I arrived at Hammerhead right at the beginning of the game. I just sort of stuck with it and eventually got past it, only to have my PSU fail about 15 minutes later.

Now that I’ve got everything sorted and back again, I wanted to get some more time in and write about it some, as it’s a very odd experience for me as a FF fan.

Now, I played the demo what seems like a lifetime ago on a now sold XBO. I was not impressed. I didn’t know what I wanted, really, but that demo wasn’t it. I wrote it off as DoA and didn’t even consider it again until the PC release. I also waited until it was on sale because Square-Enix has a reputation for downright awful PC ports.


I’ll admit, on my computer it plays fairly well and looks great. Also the ability to essentially auto-pilot the car from location to location gives it a vaguely cinematic quality that reminds me of Mass Effect elevators. Ultimately though, it amounts to looking around randomly.


The first section of the game has a very vacation with the bros feel to it. We hunted some monsters, gathered some food, did some camping, took pictures, and drove a high end convertible around the… desert?

fed a cat.png

I even went out of my way to feed this picky cat that’ll only eat cooked fish.

fan service
Ohhhhh, I member.

The music has some cute throwbacks too. I turned on the car radio and it was some odd version of the chocobo song. The music in Hammerhead seems to be a reference tot he Matoya’s Cave theme.

Obligatory sad Cid

I do find the combat system growing on me a little. It tends to be pretty active and the cross-link attacks or whatever they’re called remind me of context based combo techs from Chrono Trigger that go off on their own.

beating imperials.png
Die imperial scum?

Of course, I enjoy teleporting on top of things and beating the stuffing out of them too, so I’m sure that helps.

There’s still a lot I haven’t done, I’m only 2-3 hours into the game but overall it’s left a positive impression.

However, as someone from the southern US, I find Cindy’s accent rather annoying. It sounds exaggerated and over the top to me. That said, I don’t think there’s much about Cindy that isn’t exaggerated and over the top. What little top there is, anyway.

emperial ship

I took way to many screenshots. Like 3-4 dozen. Some of them I took because they make me feel old.

get down stupid.png

I took this one because I’m like, “Get down you moron. You’re gonna get yourself killed and it won’t even be my fault.”

Yeah, I don’t know why I took this one either.

I guess it’s a photogenic game or something? Maybe I have a problem. Until next time.

imperial forces.png
The Empire wants YOU!

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