Gaming with Kids – 18w31

As a lifelong gamer myself, it’s no surprise that my kids have picked up some of my habits. All three of them play games together, and the oldest plays with me from time to time as well.

portal knights

This week’s highlight though, is that my middle child had been asking me to play Portal Knights with her and I eventually relented. I’m not a huge fan of the game, really, be she had fun and that’s what matters anyway.  If you don’t know, Portal Knights is a weird minecraft/voxel adventure game that’s less overworld survival/building and more procedural floating islands with quests, dungeons, bosses, ect.


My oldest had tinkered with DDO, which I had been playing this past week, but it’s a bit to detail oriented for him to really understand. We did however play several hours worth of Guild Wars 2. I had tinkered with it previously but failed to really get into it. One of the characters I’m tinkering with this time (Charr Warrior) is actually way more interesting than the one I had last time. He re-rolled as a human ranger once he realized there were guns, only to find that he couldn’t use any of them. I think he plans to re-roll as a pistol wielding thief at the moment, we’ll see.

a vista.png

In other news, the three of them have been playing the Puyo-puyo Tetris demo on the Switch. My youngest was getting frustrated with losing to the middle child and I intervened on his behalf. My goal was to show them how to play Tetris. I mean, I grew up playing it on the original gameboy for hours. I’m no pro, but I know my way around. Incidentally it turns out my mildly rusty skills were still way above hers and she became extremely upset at the sound thrashing I unintentionally handed out. My fault, I was watching my side of the board, not hers.

It’s back to school week, so that’s about all we did this week. Time to go poke some foodstuffs and do some sight words. Peace.

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