Terraria – That Pre-Hardmode Digging Feeling

Hadn’t mentioned it in a minute so I thought I’d talk about how our rather insane Expert/Revengence/Death run of Calamity is going.

As of last night we only have two tasks between us and the Wall of Flesh. We need to finish prepping the world for Hardmode, and the Slime God hasn’t been dealt with yet.

We managed to get through Queen Bee, though it was… difficult. I’d say it took 25-30 attempts total, many of which were back to back summons. We accidentally cheesed it a little bit too. Our actual clear was a random spawn after we had given up and were working on Skeletron. One player wasn’t bound where the rest of us were and we could respawn and get set back up in the time it took her to deal with the straggler.

Skeletron wasn’t as bad, it just required us to practice not getting hit and experimenting with different gear for speed and evasion. He was doing around 75-100 contact damage to me, so if he got on top of me I was dead in just a couple seconds. My brother has less defense and took closer to 150/hit. Given that max health is 400, that’s a bit… intense. Total tries were between 12-16 I think. We could have done him a lot faster if not for the once/in-game day limit. Still, there was a degree of luck involved there.

Both bosses are fast and “teleporty,” which makes my life running a true melee build a bit… well… I’m living life on the edge, as they say.

That opened up the Dungeon, and by extension the Abyss and Brimstone Crag, which together is an entirely new tier of upgrades for all of us. It’s just a matter of spending enough time and effort to get the drops we need. Slime God isn’t fun, but I remember the basic setup. Assuming that’s still valid I don’t expect it to be a problem. Half a dozen attempts or so and we should have it.

Which leaves Hardmode prep. I actually dislike the Hardmode prep. It’s my least favorite phase of progression. Nothing but digging giant tunnels so the “contagious” biomes don’t overrun everything else. A lot of the Hardmode gear and drops are biome and depth specific, so if you lose an entire biome it can complicate progression.

For example, we only have one jungle and it’s placed right in the path of “the big cross,” an X shaped pattern of automatic Biome contamination that will happen when the Wall of Flesh is defeated. One side gets Crimson/Corruption and the other side gets Hallow. On top of that, the rate of contamination speeds up significantly. A lot of effort will go into protecting the Jungle from the Crimson or Hallow. We dug a hellevator, a giant tunnel from the surface directly down into the Hell biome at the bottom of the world, on the base side of the Jungle. We just have to finish lining it with bricks. I’ll have to identify a reasonable location for the other end and take it from there. Guess I’ll be watching some more Phineas and Ferb.

So that’s where we are now. In the Hardmode setup phase. “FUn.”

Y’all take care, I’m gonna… go read about allied races… or something.

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