Payday 2 – Cops Shut Down the Drill

Paid lootboxes are, once again, being removed. This time, though, it’s from the Steam marketplace. They’re removing the drills entirely and adding the paid-only safes to the loot table. All safes will be openable for free and they can no longer be sold to other players.

No more drills, no more unavailable safes and no more safes in the marketplace. We are making some changes to our safes to ensure that the popo wont raid us (again). –

These changes are made because of certain legal aspects connected to sales of digital items with a random outcome. –

My overall impression is that they’ve run afoul of some gambling laws somewhere. I should check the investor relations page and see if they’ve been fined and if so, for how much. It’s nice to see some movement related to the lootbox issue. While this is hardly a high profile game these days, it has to start somewhere. At least for European developers it’s probably a sign of things to come.

Realistically, I’m not expecting much. I would like to point out that this only happened after some manner of law enforcement intervention. If it continues to happen, maybe things will change, but I don’t think this by itself will be enough.

I’m also curious if this had an impact on their monetization plans for Payday 3. I can’t imagine they were planning to change the formula all that much. Why uproot something that’s proven profitable up to this point?

I usually consider myself fairly neutral in the lootbox debate. I’m not exactly opposed to thier existence, I just believe contents and odds should be posted and easily available. Consumers should be able to make educated decisions about their virtual toys.

If we’re not going to do that, though, I agree that this is the next best option.

Y’all take care. I’ll try to follow up on this at some point.

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