Humble Bundle CEO and Fool’s Day Thoughts

I have a couple of vaguely interesting bits of news from yesterday mixed in with a variety of news that’s probably false. It being April 1st it’s somewhat hard to say for sure. reported that the CEO and COO of Humble Bundle are stepping down. Kind-of. They intend to hang around in an advisory capacity, but honestly it sounds like they’re ready to do something else. After being at it for a decade I can’t say that I blame them.

I have a weird on again/off again relationship with Humble Bundle. I do occasionally pick up some of their bundles, but often feel that I’m not exactly their target market.

The r/games subreddit also went on lockdown yesterday. They had a fairly heartfelt post about it where they provided several examples of the sort of comments they have removed. [They have confirmed that this absolutely is not a joke.] The overall point of the post is that comments are getting extremely vitriolic, and despite their best efforts to remove comments and ban users, the problem isn’t improving. It would seem they intend to have a meta post for discussion today. While it wasn’t available when I wrote all this, I went ahead and updated to include it. It has had a fairly strong reaction, positive and negative.

FFXIV posted a cute video of a new smart home device, omega. It seems like a good idea on the surface, but I’m pretty sure it’ll ultimately kill you in a misguided attempt to improve its combat capabilities.

We’ve also got a Payday Royale announcement. I would almost believe it if they left out the Miister insanity. They’re so hard up for cash right now that I’d believe just about anything from them at the moment, including blatant cash grabs.

“Players start on the hype train and need to get off somewhere on Bain Island before the train reaches its final destination and goes off the rails.” – Almir

You know what’s going off the rails? This post about random stuff from yesterday. On the whole I’d say I generally find the individual person to person version of this “holiday” slighty questionable. It can be amusing and interesting, but it’s also easy to take it to far. I much prefer the goofy stuff you see here, that’s done at a more corporate level. It’s strange to find myself in this position though. I’m sure there are plenty I didn’t even come across, as well as several others I didn’t find interesting enough to share.

I feel like I’m forgetting an actual legitimate news story, but I think I’ve gone over enough for today. Y’all take care.

4 thoughts on “Humble Bundle CEO and Fool’s Day Thoughts

  1. I like what Reddit did for April’s fool. I don’t think it will actually improve the quality of the discussion in their reddits but it is a nice way to show that they are aware there are problems, are doing their best to deal with it and want to have a discussion with the community on how to improve things.

    As for the best April 1st joke, I think my favorite was the shoujo manga for Final Fantasy XIV. It is one of those I actually would like for it to be real. XD

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    1. Oh, huh, I came upon r/sequence by chance today and didn’t realize it was related. To be honest, some of the problems present on reddit as a platform aren’t exactly unique to it. The common recurring theme regarding the internet and social media is where the “free speech” line should be. Reddit has historically erred on the side of less moderation, allowing each sub and its specific moderators do that job. Unless of course a particular sub garners a lot of negative press, in that case they tend to shut it down real quick.

      I think I might have seen something related to the manga one, but it was out of context and didn’t make much sense. Of course, there were so many FF related ones to begin with, including the XIV subreddit and and XVI trailer. I’m assuming Yoshida’s promotion is actual news though. Oh, and the April 1st Patch Notes were cute too, though that’s fan created.

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      1. Okay, yeah, that’s cute. I had only seen a translated version of the relationship charts, which don’t make much sense out of context.

        Some of that art is really nice too.

        And you’re correct, it’s good to see a problem acknowledged. The post I’m writing for tomorrow is at least vaguely about that, though more in the context of what is/was going on with r/games. There seems to be a growing call to action regarding anonymous internet cruelty. At least, I would like to believe so.

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