Warframe – Earth Spy Visual Walkthrough


So last time I did one of these it was the Grineer Asteroid tileset, today it’s going to be the Earth tileset.

Typically this is a very low level tileset that occurs early in the game to make it easier to understand what’s going on in a spy mission. There are, however, some notable differences between this tileset and the last one.

A silent weapon is practically mandatory.

One room you’ll need to shoot out some electrical boxes, in another there’s an enemy that is best killed early on and it’s a lot less risk to do so at a distance, and the last one has a couple guys you’ll have to take out. Melee works but I prefer a good snipe any day, less risky.

The other big difference here is that I don’t have a wide variety of mission difficulties to work through on this one. This means some of these strategies may have some nasty surprises if you’re doing a high level alert. If you find yourself in a bind or having to work around an obstacle go slow and stay alert.

Most of the enemies and hazards are the same, but I’m going to repeat them here just in case.


arc trap

Arc Trap – These are mostly just a nuisance. They do a little damage but don’t set the alarms off. Just shoot it or eat it.

door scanner

Door Scanner – In these missions they generally only appear on the final door to the main terminal room, just shoot the little bar at the top.

laser field.png

Laser Field – These occur all over the “waterslide” room, especially during the first slide portion. The blink off and on with a timer, just watch the timing and slip through when it’s off.

laser trip wire

Laser Trip Wire – There are some moving versions of this in the archways of the bridges room and a couple of fixed ones in the alternative path for the waterslide room. You’ll have to bullet jump through, over, or around them.


sensor regulator

Sensor Regulator – These guys have a cone of vision displayed as orange laser lines. If you end up in the field of vision they’ll set the alarms off. The range on this is pretty high but functions via line of sight, so you can hide behind solid objects. Glass doesn’t count. The lines are not indicative of their range, it’s much further than the lines. If you have decent gear you can generally destroy them with a sliding melee attack from behind or an airborne drop attack. If you attack it and fail to destroy it in one hit the alarms will go off.

sensor eximus

Sensor Regulator Eximus – Same as above but with significantly more health. I don’t actually know for a fact that they occur on this tileset, but it’s safe to assume that they can.


waterslide entrance.png

This is by and large the easiest room on this tileset, especially in the default difficulty.

waterslide top.png

You basically start out at the top of a ramp with fast flowing water going down the center. Stepping into the water is, generally, a one way ticket to the bottom.

waterslide field a.png

There are typically several laser fields in this area that cover various sections of the upper walkways and the waterslide area. Just go slow and watch for them. Get a feel for the timing and slide or bullet jump through while it’s off.

There’s also a single lone enemy at the bottom that you’ll want to kill from a distance if at all possible. It’s not a threat at this point, but he can see you through the glass in the final room and set off the alarms.

waterslide grate.png

Near the bottom of this slide is a large pipe by the ceiling with a grate in it. You’ll want to get just past this big root then bullet jump to the grate. You can just smack it with melee to knock it out.

waterslide drop.png

If you follow that passage back you’ll come to an open drop that leads straight to the terminal room.

If for any reason this proves unviable there’s an opening in the rock to the left at the bottom of the slide that has a passage leading around to the back side where you can kill some enemies, shoot a door scanner, and hack the door open.


bridges entrance

This one took a while to figure out.

bridges start.png

Once you open the door there’s a raised passage leading to what looks like a waterfall. You have to drop down this pipe in order to reach the bottom of the room to get started.

bridges bridge.png

This is a large cylindrical room with a series of staircases and platforms around the outside edge. It’s not uncommon to have sensor regulator(s) and enemies on the staircase segments. There are also doors at each end of these bridges that can have laser scanners moving up and down in them.

bridges control box.png

There are little control boxes under each end of the bridges, or where the bridges should be. You can shoot these boxes out to extend half the bridge, if it isn’t already. If it’s extended and you shoot it, it’ll retract, so beware.

These bridges aren’t really required, in fact I used to do this room without them. I find, however, that they provide a much more reliable way to move around that has less chance of accidentally jumping into a scanner or regulator.

bridges final door.png

Just work your way across the bridges and up each floor watching for enemies. At the top there’s a door you’ll have to hack to get into the final room.


flood entrance.png

This room took a while to figure out how to do, as the final room is inaccessible until you’ve performed several sub-tasks.

flood start.png

This area is a large open room with several waterfalls at the end. The terminal room is actually submerged when you enter the room.

flood terminal locations.png

There are a total of three terminals, each one of which lowers the water some. You’ll have to hack all three terminals in order to get to the terminal room. There will typically be at least one grineer soldier near terminal 1 that will move towards the right hand wall and a second soldier between the large pipes near terminal 2 that will also move towards and along the right hand wall. I suggest you make eliminating them your first priority.

flood terminal a.png

Terminal 1 is on a little platform at the bottom of the first section. it’s pretty much a straight shot down the center but is fairly exposed. If you haven’t taken out the soldiers it’s easy to get spotted here.

flood terminal b.png

Terminal 2 is on the back of the platform past the two large pipes where the second soldier started. If you haven’t taken them out by the time you get here you may get caught during hacking as they patrol along the wall.

flood waterfall.png

The last terminal is in a room behind the waterfall.

flood wire.png

The easiest way there is this wire directly above the second terminal, I usually just jump up on the wire, run towards the waterfall then bullet jump through.

flood terminal c.png

Sometimes there’s an enemy back here, so be prepared.

flood final door.png

Once all the terminals are done, you can find the final room under the big pipe platform. You’ll have to hack the door open and there’s almost always a door scanner as well, though it wasn’t there for this run.

On higher difficulties there can be two sensor regulators patrolling the outside of this relatively small room, so proceed with caution.

That’s pretty much it for this tileset. They’re pretty straightforward at low levels due to being an introductory mission.

I’m not sure what’s next at the moment, is there something you guys want to see?