Warframe – Fortuna Update

Wow there’s a lot in this update. This is primarily what I’ve been doing since the update hit last week, and by the time I get close to complete-ish the next stage of this update, including the “raid” encounter with the giant bug thing.

The game has several updates to existing open world features like fishing and mining, as well as some variants and new ones.


Fishing is still spear fishing, but it’s now done with a sort of EMP spear that has a slider moving from left to right on a successful hit. You have to click as the indicator moves through the reddish area to succeed. This is presumably due to most of the new fish being robotic in nature, with most being corpus designs and a few rare orokin ones mixed in.


We even got a new boot. I have yet to see a trophy for it, however.


Mining also got a similar overhaul. It now uses a laser that focuses on little blue flashing spots on the ore veins and charges up similar to the fishing spear. The goal is let go of the button as close to dead center of the indicator as possible. There are quite a few variations in size and motion, and a bonus variant that has a very small box at the end and a much safer “normal” area. If you manage to hit the small box in the double variant you receive an extra item. If you slide off the node while charging then it counts as a fair and you receive the minimum reward.


One of the completely new features is animal conservation. Once you have a tranq gun and a species specific lure you can find poop for that particular critter. When you find it an activate it it creates a very mildly glowing trail of tracks that are specific to one species and only appears in the snow. If you successfully follow the tracks to the call point and successfully mimic the call on the meter that pops up, you’ll get one or more things you can shoot with the tranq gun. This gives animal tags that can be traded for plushy decorations for your orbiter.


Another variant feature is the new customization “kitgun” sidearm. You can spend faction standing on parts and assemble them in different ways to get sidearms with various stats. This is the only one I have at the moment. In order to make full use of them you have to get them up to rank 30 and “gild” them, much like the Amp operator weapon from Plains of Eidolon.


Similarly we also have the new robotic Moa companion which has four different parts. Some of them control the armor,  health, and shields, while others control mod polarity slots and default attacks. I made the most simple model available which, while useful, is really easily killed at the moment. Much like the Amp and the Kitgun it must be levelled up to 30 and gilded in order to customize colors and apply potatoes.


Last is the new form of transportation, the k-drive. The one in the picture is my newly created custom k-drive, which levels up, has mod slots, and other things just like a normal piece of equipment. I’m quite fond of it. All the k-drive stuff has a completely different faction standing from the main city called the “vent kids.” This faction is currently only gained from successfully performing Tony Hawk style trick chains and grinds. You currently gain one standing point for every four trick point, or thereabouts. That is, a 3000 point trick, the max, nets around 750 faction standing, with the parts costing no less than 5k each. The board you see here cost 20k faction standing and a lot of fishing and mining to create.

Overall I’d say this is a pretty good update. There are typically no less than 40 full instances and another 30-40 busy ones at the time I’m typically online and playing. I just managed to upgrade my vent kids and solaris standing last night. I’m currently running with a 14k/day standing cap, so it will probably be another week before I can reach the next standing rank with the main city faction, and that’s assuming I cap every day. I may well tire of the grind before we get there, we’ll see. I’m already doing everything I can to speed up the process and get the daily stuff done as quickly as possible.

It’s a good update though, I look forward to seeing the next bit of story and I love the theme of togetherness behind it. The ARG leading up to the release really brought this out in the community and the real world could use some of it as well.