Something New (to me): Lord of the Rings Online

So I figured with the launch of the progression server I would go ahead and try LOTRO, as I’ve never done so before. I’d say my initial impression is fairly positive, if somewhat odd.

For no particular reason I made a hobbit guardian. Seems as good an idea as any. I did eventually finish the intro quest, and I’m beginning to wish I could go back. I thought the intro quest area was large, but the Shire is… enormous. Especially on foot. So. Much. Running. Since I have need VIP to even be on the server at least I’ll be able to do the riding skill quest at some point?

I can see how riding is an advantage in and of itself. With this being a high population and low average level we have the age old form of PvP known as “competing for resources” going on.

copper deposit

These things are in crazy high demand. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m parked near one of the spawns watching the steady flow of people and horses go by as they farm it. Honestly if I want any significant quantity at the moment I reckon I’ll have to buy it.

And my client just crashed, oh well.

The game itself being 11 years old leaves it in this interesting place where it’s graphically outdated but new enough that it’s gameplay doesn’t feel ancient. Of course, it’s not really easy to judge an MMO from a half dozen hours and two zones either. I actually feel like this post is not only short but not very comprehensive. I simply haven’t been able to get the time into it that I would have liked and it’s the only new thing I’ve played this week.

It’s a shame I didn’t try it sooner though.


I initially had some concerns about server population. That launch day was predictably flooded with people. It’s calmed down quite a bit but there’s still a queue during peak hours it seems. My only complaint here is that their queue system is slightly busted. The launcher doesn’t update your queue position unless you log out and back in. It also seems that you can occupy more than one slot in the queue, as it will tend show two different positions, picking one at random. Patience is the key though, and isn’t really needed during the off-hours. I’m sure the second server went a long way towards helping that.

It’s been a pleasure, but now I’ve got to get some cleaning done and set up a new workstation on my desk. Y’all take care.

Update All the Things!

Feeling a little fried from trying track, use, and keep up with so many updates at the same time, and it’s really only three games.

Elite Dangerous has an ongoing update reveal and beta. I’ve gotten semi-familiar with the exploration tools, but failed at mining testing by forgetting to bring a prospector controller. In addition to that, I’m a bit behind the ball on how to outfit a ship for this. It just need so many dang module slots. I’m currently eyeballing a few different potential candidates, but I can’t test any of them in the beta because the beta snapshot was before I earned all my money. Quite honestly I’m not going to invest the time grinding faction and money again just for the beta, there’s just to much to do.

Warframe’s Fortuna update launched last night as well. I’ll do a more in depth post about it next Wednesday, but overall it’s been positive so far. The various “currencies” used seem fairly well balanced so far. At least in the sense that I can get something, but not get all the things at once. The K-Drive is kinda fun in a Tony Hawk’s Pro K-Drive kind of way. Grinding, literally and figuratively, that Vent Kids faction to get the K-Drive parts is probably the slowest moving thing I’ve done so far.

Last, my brother and I are also tinkering with the LOTRO progression server as well, which also launched yesterday. I followed the advice of some other bloggers to eventually make my way through the queue and created a Hobbit Guardian names Kenido. I have no idea what I’m doing and haven’t even made it through the intro quest yet. I did play about an hour on the normal servers and the only major difference to me is the xp gain rate, which is intentionally slower on the progression server. I’ll probably have more to say about it Sunday.

Hardest part going forward is where and how much to spend my available time. I simply don’t have the time to give each of them as much as I would like to, and Warframe will probably get the majority of it this weekend. Gotta get that faction up there to get the blueprints to build the new warframe parts.

Y’all stay safe and grind it till you find it.