Eco – Update 0.8

We’ve still been messing around with Eco, in addition to everything else, and the game had a pretty big update this past week. While they did add a few more critters and plants, the biggest changes are to the skill system and to mining.

The previous skill system built up points over time that you can spend in any available tree. The new system gives you a specialization star at the start, and every so often depending on your xp bonus. Right now it’s working out to be about one point every other day. This is a pretty hard limit on advancement compared to before, where there wasn’t a default limit on specializations. We’re a few days in and only have two specs each and aren’t expecting the next one until tomorrow.

Each specialization has now been reduced to a single skill line that goes up as you use it, with recipes, efficiency, and speed all wrapped up in each level. This also means that you have to be actively doing things in order to improve, instead of simply investing points wherever  you want them. I actually halved the skill gain before we restarted due to the obnoxious speed we progressed before. I find it to be a pretty decent pace overall.

They also changed the game from having simple “stone” to having a wide variety of different stone types that require different grade tools to harvest. The ores that were previously random are now limited to specific stone types and depths. It’s a pretty decent change that’s had some interesting ramifications.

Unfortunately, along with these changes the memory usage has gone through the roof. It’s no longer possible for me to keep the server open while I’m doing other things. In order to do basically anything other than play the game I have to shut the server down. Hopefully this is just a bug and they’ll sort it out soon. If not, I’ll probably have to set it aside for a while.

I did look into paying to have the server hosted by someone else, but it’s current level of memory usage would put it around $25+/month hosting fee with no guarantee it’ll work properly. I tried to limit it locally on my own PC, but that feature isn’t built in and it just aborts when it hits the memory cap. Was worth a shot anyway.

On that note, I gotta go get dinner started. It’s only a matter of time before the kids decide they’re starving. Y’all take care.

Eco – Pollution

Okay, so remember that building we were making for the tailings the other day? That was a really bad idea and didn’t do anything to contain the problem. When I checked the pollution level with my soil sampler we were well on our way to 200%.

escaped pollution.png

So I did what I would normally do and looked it up and did some reading. It’s worth mentioning that tailings in this game have little in common with tailing in the real world. In reality it’s something of a slurry mixture that contains everything that isn’t the metal you were trying to extract. The exact level of danger is highly dependent on the particular ore and it’s refining process. Still, uncontrolled runoff is bad. It’s not uncommon for them to be stored in open air pits.


In Eco, though, the only way to mitigate their “pollution” is to bury them. The deeper the better. So we spend several hours digging this big pit to put them in. In Eco pollution is first applied upward until there are no solid blocks left. If that wasn’t enough to “absorb” it, then it radiates outward from that column. To give you an idea, even with this pit filled in, I’m still measuring over 300% in the dead center. Overall mitigation is good though, the outer edges of the pit are measuring below 100.

Our overall goal so far was to build a blast furnace to try and reduce the amount of tailings produced. It’s been a rather long and rough run, but we’re finally getting there. At the same time as we’re doing all this, I’ve been trying to get a farm up and running and cook food for us to eat. I ran into a problem, however.

It was only today that I realized that the only beets left in the ecosystem are the ones I’m growing. They no longer exist in the wild. I also though crimini mushrooms were extinct, but I managed to find a half dozen or so and get a farming area set up for them as well. They probably don’t exist in the wild any more either.

There are some world generation problems as well. Our world doesn’t spawn any bison, for example. I used server commands to fulfill the requirements for one of the research projects because they don’t exist and never have. As I understand it, this is a known issue with world gen.

tier 2 workshop.png

We also managed to get this tier 2 workshop up and running as well. We’ll ultimately be building an upper floor to house the rest of the tier 2 equipment. After that we’ll probably be building a reinforced concrete building, which is tier 3, on top of the filled in tailings pit. One thing at a time though, my current objective is to harvest my beets tomorrow so I can finish the dish in my cast iron stove for the “advanced cooking” skill book.

Either way, that’s another day’s problem, so y’all take care. Someone needs to call Captain Planet or something.

Super Discount Clothing and more Eco

Bit late today. Spent half the day out and let my wife use the computer a good bit of the afternoon. She was trying to convince a Raspberry Pi to cooperate and it was disinclined.

This leaves me not having done a while lot today, other than go buy some pants and shirts from the thrift store on 50% day. Some of the jeans I only paid $0.50/pair for, so that’s always a win.

eco home.png

My brother did eventually get a copy of Eco though, so we’ve played that some. Got a nice little setup going so far. I’m doing more of a farming/cooking route and he’s handling most of the tech/construction stuff.


This has left us with a huge pile of tailings from iron refinement though, on the left. It’s slowly polluting the entire area around it. My brother is working on a stone enclosure, seen in the background, so house it somewhat more safely. Still I foresee this becoming quite the issue long term. It’s already… not good.

Either way, midnight approaches, so I’ll keep it short today. Y’all take care, try not to destroy the environment.

Something New – ECO

So Jeromai mentioned this game in my tragedy of the commons post the other day, and for good reason. The premise of the game is that there’s a meteor coming, and it’s up to you and others to cooperate and create a civilization that can withstand the impact. If you manage your resources poorly in the meantime, you can destroy the environment yourself in the meantime. Probably easier than it sounds, but I’ve only just started poking around with it.

full screen.png

Graphically it somewhat resembles any other voxel title, like Minecraft. It’s got a little bit more going on with some built in shaders and such, but it is what it is. Gameplay wise it has more in common with Ark.


So the pie on the left measures a couple of things. The individual pie pieces indicate my current nutrient balance. The more balanced it is, the more skill points you gain. In my case, my fat is really low because I don’t have access to meat just yet. I’ve been living off foraged food and working towards farming.

The size of the pie, on the other hand, indicates current calorie level. Doing work uses calories which makes the pie smaller. So not only do you need to be eating regularly, but also try to vary what you eat as well. It’s like a well balanced diet is hard or something.

When you go to collect something like wood, which you would do a lot, you have to smack the tree till it falls over, then cut it into sections. It does a fair amount of damage to the area it lands on. The plateau I’ve been working on is somewhat beat down due to repeated tree impacts.

carrying wood

Then you have to pick up the individual pieces. You can only carry around four pieces though, so it typically takes 2-3 trips to collect a single tree. I’ve watched some streamers play though, and at some point you can get carts that allow you to move larger quantities of stuff around instead of using an armload at a time.


Mining works pretty much the same way. Smack the rock and it creates four rocks you can pick up or two rocks and large rock that you have to smack again. It’s actually almost faster and easier to gather stone compared to wood, but it doesn’t exactly grow back.

Moving dirt around is the thing I dislike the most at the moment, as I have to use a shovel to pick up a block, go somewhere and dump it, repeat. It’s rather time consuming, if somewhat realistic. I actually took these screenshots digging out an area for a house expansion. Some things like the carpentry table and research table have to be inside a room with a certain amount of space.

research table

I did eventually manage to build and figure out how to use research table though. I had a little difficulty figuring out if I needed the Farming book or not, as I had a farming related skill. It was “Farmer” and this was “Farming” though, so I assumed they were different.


Farm! I have officially moved on from straight foraging to actual farming. Which is good, because the beets and corn aren’t anywhere near my little camp. I’ve been living mostly off crimini mushrooms.


There are plenty of other systems in the game as well, such as a governance and laws system. While I was taking all these screenshots on my private server I also voted myself World Leader. I mean, it’s not like I plan to do much with it, I just thought it was funny. Like being on a deserted island all by yourself and taking time out of your day to officially proclaim that you’re the leader.

Probably actually buy my brother a copy in a week or so and I’ll take it a little more seriously. The purpose of this attempt was purely to figure out what I’m doing and get a feel for it. Make sure it was worth recommending to him.

So y’all take care. Remember to vote of Giant Meteor for 2020 and try not to ruin the environment in the meantime.