Unidentified Signal Source – Coming from the Graveyard

What better mood to return to posting than intense sleep deprivation? I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how my scheduling problem would solve itself, and taking the required steps to deal with it. Most notably, the inability to work a first shift position and take classes during the day.

This has taken many forms, mostly in the form of internal resume submissions in the workplace. Imagine my surprise when I hear… absolutely nothing. Roughly a dozen resumes in about 8 months, only to never hear a word about any of them. Directly, that is. I tended to find out by word of mouth that a position had been filled. This culminated in me sending a very stern but direct email to the plant manager about this lack of feedback. Of course, that does not solve my problem, but neither did I expect it to.

As always, my problem was solved by seemingly random chance. Due to business decisions involving forces far greater than myself, an opportunity presented itself in a more direct manner within. One within my current department. A lateral move, but one that solves the problem. I have actually been training on that particular job for about the last month.

The end result being that I am writing this post on my first day (night?) on 3rd shift. A 9-5 sort of deal, but with AM and PM backward. I have tried to ease in to it a bit, but after a lifetime of working first I fear the immediate result is that my body is… confused.

In many ways, I am reminded of Lovecraft’s definition of cosmic horror. It’s as though I have woken up and everything in the world has been replaced with an exact replica, with only the small detail of the clock to indicate that anything is awry.

The upside is that it seems I will have plenty of time to read, write, and do school stuff. At least until the dust settles.

I’m also following and participating in our slightly modified Blaugust this year. Hopefully I’ll be more on top of that tomorrow, provided I’m not entirely comatose. Progress, or Progresso? I’m not entirely sure myself, at the moment.

Y’all take care, I’ll catch you on the other side?