New Tales from the Borderlands

While I slept on the original Tales from the Borderlands, I have to admit that I quite liked it. It’s actually the only Telltale Games title I’ve ever played. Two months from release (Oct 21), I still haven’t decided how I feel about New Tales from the Borderlands.

The main source of my reservation is the fact that it’s produced by Gearbox rather than Telltale, or whatever is left of it. I never followed them closely enough to understand how that happened given the popularity of their games. I suppose the downfall might be the fact that watching someone play one of the games on YouTube or Twitch isn’t that different an experience from playing it yourself.

Gearbox’s reputation with storytelling is, well, not stellar. The characters themselves are excellent, and the most interesting stories are the small character stories rather than the larger game plots. There’s a chance they could succeed, I suppose. I’ll certainly wait and see what the word on the street is before I bother to pay full price for it.

I also find is a curious move on their part. The original Tales introduced a lot of the supporting characters in BL3. Ones that would appear again in the “final” DLC for BL2 that bridge the gap between it and BL3 and acknowledged Tales as cannon. Something that had been debated a bit up to that point, especially the status of Scooter.

I did see a brief clip from the trailer that looked like it featured Rhys, one of the main characters from the first Tales, who was shown to be in charge of the Atlas Corporation in BL3. We also see a shot of a giant A-shaped Atlas ship that definitely gives me some Hyperion Space Station vibes. Probably because it has a giant H.

I can’t help but wonder why they’re doing it now. Is it laying groundwork for BL4? Is it just a weird experiment to pull in more cash? I just find it an odd choice. Time will tell.

Y’all take care.

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