Borderlands TPS 100% – Optimization

When I wrote that I only had three achievements left, I was kinda hoping that number would have gone down by now. Sometimes I just forget how obnoxiously grindy some of these things can be.

The one I’m slightly stuck on is the “complete all tier 1 challenges” achievement. Most of these are fairly “easy” in the sense that it’s just using a variety of weapons. I had a round a few of those up, but that was quick. The ones that end up getting me are things like “get 20 luneshine weapons from the grinder.” Mostly because I didn’t tend to use the grinder much. I did some quick math while farming the final boss, though, and quickly realized that a 10 minute TTK only nets around 30 or so moonstones. Since a single moonstone grind (needed for luneshine) was running me about 45 moonstones each and doesn’t guarantee a luneshine result, that obviously wasn’t a very efficient method.

A quick review of farming methods on YouTube led to me the “hidden” boss near the beginning of the game. Difficulty doesn’t impact his drop rate of moonstones so I can go back to normal mode, make a quick run, and melt the thing. Then it’s just grabbing any white rarity weapons and the moonstones, doing a save quit, then repeat. Crude but effective. I’ve gone from 1/20 luneshines to 11/20 in the last few days.

I also found that the grinding process is less expensive for lower rarity weapons. The white rarity only costs about 25 per grind, speeding the process up. I typically find that filling my inventory yields about as many moonstones as it takes to grind it all, so it works out. Not sure how it all works out time wise, but it feels much faster, yielding 2-3 luneshine results per inventory.

Once that’s done I have to spend a little more time on Nisha to knock out her action skill achievement, then back to Claptrap for his. That one might be a bit time consuming as well, due to the amount of randomness involved in his action skill and the point investment needed to have access to all of them.

Either way, I’m ahead of schedule for the night and hoping I can at least get the grinder done tonight.

Y’all take care. Don’t fall asleep grinding.

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